Living Science Materials Center
Living Science materials provided to teachers in member school districts (school districts that subscribe to the Living Science Materials program) include over 100 living specimens! Small mammals (hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils), non-poisonous snakes, fish, live frogs, plants, flower and vegetable seeds, micro-organisms, preserved specimen, prepared petri dishes and de-ionized water may be ordered by any teacher in participating districts at no cost to the teacher!
We invite and encourage you to incorporate living science materials into your day-to-day teaching activities and into your classrooms at no cost to you! Please review our web page for more information about the Living Science Center at Region 20.
These & Other Materials Available for purchase.
Non-members and Co-op members may purchase these materials with a credit card or purchase order.
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Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets 4 packs of 24 pellets
The Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets combine the pot and potting soil into a single unit. Can be used alone or as a refill for the All-In-One Greenhouse.
Kritter Keeper (large)
14.5 X 8.75 X 9.75 inches. Great for water habitats (frogs or crayfish) and for terrariums. Durable plastic with slotted cover and top flip access. HOUSE WHAT YOU WANT OR GROW WHAT YOU NEED!
Kritter Keeper (XLarge)
15.75 X 9.38 X12.5 inches. Great for water habitats (frogs or crayfish) and for terrariums. Durable plastic with slotted cover and top flip access. SWIM 'EM or SEED'EM!
Root Vue Farm
Plant carrot, radish, & onion seeds and follow the roots as they grow down.Kit includes:durable unit w/acrylic view window, built-in water basin & drainage reservoir, movable light shield, 8 grow mix wafers, seeds, labels and a 16-page instruction/activities booklet. IT GROWS ON YOU!
All-In-One Greenhouse
Package includes 24 Jiffy-7® Peat Pellets (pot and soil all in one), sturdy base tray (reusable and recyclable), and a clear greenhouse dome.
Basic Aquarium Kit
Kit includes: 10 gallon glass aquarium w/black trim, QuietFlow Power Filter, filter cartridge, deluxe fluorescent hood and bulb, two incandescent bulbs, aquarium set-up and care guide, water conditioner, premium fish food. JUST ADD WATER & FISH!
Carefresh Hamster Kit
Kit Includes Critter Universe 1-level home, Food dish, Water bottle Exercise wheel, Carefresh Complete hamster/gerbil food, Carefresh Pet Bedding (assorted colors), Assorted Chew treats. A PERFECT HOME FOR YOUR FUZZY COMPANION!
Chick Life Cycle
A hands-on model that shows the real thing! This set of 21 plastic eggs opens up to show the stages of a chick development as it is incubated. Last egg opens up to reveal a small fuzzy model chick! Activity guide included. SOMETHING TO PEEP AT!
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