The Bilingual/ESL team's goal is to provide professional development and technical assistance for the purpose of improving the linguistic progress and competence of all students learning a foreign language for credit. Professional development and networking shall target the following areas:
  • revisiting the new TEKS for LOTE
  • meeting the needs of heritage speakers
  • incorporating culture
  • brainstorming for the BESL department's annual fall conference
Professional Development Offerings
Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Networking

Fall 2016-Spring 2017 PD
Network Meeting Presentations
October 4, 2016

February 8, 2017
Irma Tajonar
(210) 370-5326
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Claudia Vargas-Ramirez
(210) 370-5463
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Carolina Gonzales
(210) 370-5483
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