Restorative Discipline Training
Integrating PBIS and Restorative Practices: Overview
ESC-20 provides training, technical assistance, and resources to help schools positively change student behavior and improve student achievement.
The complimentary characteristics of restorative discipline and PBIS present an opportunity for educators to attain the benefits of both. In this session, participants will get an overview of how to integrate restorative practices into a framework of PBIS and discover that the overall time savings from reduced office referrals obtained through PBIS may help create the time necessary to use more structured restorative approaches than would otherwise be possible without the benefit of PBIS.

Session ID: 39763            Credits Available: (6)

Price: $25.00                   Contact Person: Cindi Bowling

Date: 05/16/2017             Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Cheri Kahn
Behavior Specialist
(210) 370-5702
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Cindi Bowling
Behavior Specialist/CHAMPS
(210) 370-5213
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Darlene Redclift
Coaching Specialist
(210) 370-5456
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