Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services
General Information
Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services (Non-Ed) funds provide assistance to support families of students with disabilities, age 3 through 21, who are at risk of being placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes. Non-Ed funds may also be used to support the family when a student with disabilities placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes returns from the residential facility. Non-Ed funds are intended to help families care for their children with severe disabilities and enable the families to better cope with having a child with a disability at home.

Services provided with Non-Ed funds must be non-educational in nature and must not be used for services that are paid with educational funds. Additionally, services provided with Non-Ed funds are not intended to be intensive or long-term but rather, periodic and short-term.

Parents wishing to access Non-Ed services may contact their child's school and request a meeting to discuss the need for Non-Ed services.

Non-Ed funds are optional for an LEA (ISD or Open-Enrollment Charter School). If an LEA chooses to apply for Non-Ed funds, the Non-Ed application must be submitted to ESC-20 by the deadline established by ESC-20.

Please review the documents located on the right side of this webpage for additional information on Non-Ed funds and services.
Application and Information
2016-2017 School Year: Funding Period: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017


If you are interested in requesting a new award or additional funds for previously awarded students for the 2016-2017 school year, please email Denise Dusek at by May 12, 2017 with an estimate of the amount you intend to request.

**For privacy reasons, please do not include student names in the emails.

Contact Information
For questions regarding Non-Ed funds, the possibility of additional Non-Ed funds available after the initial deadline, or assistance with completion of the application, please contact Denise Dusek at (210) 370-5378 or email:
For assistance in contacting your CRCG Chairperson, please visit the Community Resource Coordination Group webpage:
CRCG webpage
Denise Dusek
Federal Funding Specialist
(210) 370-5378
Contact Denise Dusek
General Information
General information concerning Non-Ed funds and services
Allowable Expenditures
List of allowable and non-allowable uses of Non-Ed funds
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions concerning Non-Ed funds
Texas Education Code
Texas Education Code (TEC) 29.013
Application Procedures
Procedures for submitting the Non-Ed application(s)
2016-2017 Non-Ed Application
2016-2017 Non-Ed Application - complete one per student
Instructions for Entering Data Into the Application
Instructions on how to enter data into the Non-Ed application