Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services
General Information
Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services (Non-Ed) funds provide assistance to support families of students with disabilities, age 3 through 21, who are at risk of being placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes. Non-Ed funds may also be used to support the family when a student with disabilities placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes returns from the residential facility. Non-Ed funds are intended to help families care for their children with severe disabilities and enable the families to better cope with having a child with a disability at home.

Services provided with Non-Ed funds must be non-educational in nature and must not be used for services that are paid with educational funds. Additionally, services provided with Non-Ed funds are not intended to be intensive or long-term but rather, periodic and short-term.

Parents wishing to access Non-Ed services may contact their child's school and request a meeting to discuss the need for Non-Ed services.

Non-Ed funds are optional for an LEA (ISD or Open-Enrollment Charter School). If an LEA chooses to apply for Non-Ed funds, the Non-Ed application must be submitted to ESC-20 by the deadline established by ESC-20.

Please review the documents located on the right side of this webpage for additional information on Non-Ed funds and services.
Application and Information
2016-2017 School Year: Funding Period: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017


By August 31, 2016, please send an email to with an estimate of the amount you will be requesting (you don't need to send the application itself by 8/31, just the estimated amount).
**For privacy reasons, please do not include student names in the emails.


By September 30, 2016, please send the completed, signed application to ESC-20 by mail.

The blank application form is available for download by selecting the link on the right side of this webpage.

Please mail or hand-deliver the application(s) by the deadline to:

Attn: Denise Dusek
Education Service Center, Region 20
1314 Hines Avenue
San Antonio, TX  782018

Please do NOT send the application(s) by fax or email, due to student privacy reasons.

After the deadline, additional Non-Ed funds may become available later in the year, depending on availability of funding. Please contact Denise Dusek to inquire about the availability of additional funding.
Contact Information
For questions regarding Non-Ed funds, the possibility of additional Non-Ed funds available after the initial deadline, or assistance with completion of the application, please contact Denise Dusek at (210) 370-5378 or email:
For assistance in contacting your CRCG Chairperson, please visit the Community Resource Coordination Group webpage:
CRCG webpage
Denise Dusek
Federal Funding Specialist
(210) 370-5378
Contact Denise Dusek
General Information
General information concerning Non-Ed funds and services
Allowable Expenditures
List of allowable and non-allowable uses of Non-Ed funds
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions concerning Non-Ed funds
Texas Education Code
Texas Education Code (TEC) 29.013
Application Procedures
Procedures for submitting the Non-Ed application(s)
2016-2017 Non-Ed Application
2016-2017 Non-Ed Application - complete one per student
Instructions for Entering Data Into the Application
Instructions on how to enter data into the Non-Ed application