Parent Training Videos: ARD-IEP
Connecting to the TEAM: Preparing for the ARD/IEP Meeting
This video series will provide valuable tips and information to help you be fully prepared for the ARD/IEP meeting.
Have a Vision for the Future
Build Relationships-Work Together
Support One Another
Be Prepared
Tools That You Use
Communicate Needs
ARD/IEP Process
Have Fun Along the Way...Celebrate a Lot!
IEP Resources:

Adobe Acrobat iconARD Guide-English

Adobe Acrobat iconARD Guide-Spanish

Adobe Acrobat iconDispute Resolution Handbook-English

Adobe Acrobat iconDispute Resolution Handbook-Spanish

Adobe Acrobat iconIDEA Manual-English

Adobe Acrobat iconIDEA Manual-Spanish

Adobe Acrobat iconIEP Q & A-English

Adobe Acrobat iconIEP Q & A-Spanish

Adobe Acrobat iconProcedural Safeguards-English

Adobe Acrobat iconProcedural Safeguards-Spanish