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Cloud Services

Cloud services include computing delivered as a service versus a product, where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility over a network (typically the Internet).
 Adobe Logo

With Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll have every Adobe app for design, photography, video and web on all your desktop and mobile devices. Everything you need to get your ideas out there. If you don’t have the 100 minimum seats to get affordable software, this is the answer.

Named User License

Named user licensing is the default and most popular licensing method to deploy and use Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud products. Designed for the network-connected scenario where app licenses are managed based on individual user need for use of the app. Using named user licensing, you can provide your end users with the full functionality of the software and services. Giving your end-users access to all the available apps and services based on your organization’s entitlements.

Shared Device Licensing

Shared device license is a licensing method targeted at educational institutions where software is assigned to a device instead of an individual. Anyone who logs onto the device will have access to Adobe’s products and services. Shared Device Licensing is not intended to be used on a single owner/user device. It can be used on any institutionally owned machine accessed by multiple users.

Adobe Sign Logo
Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, is a cloud-based, enterprise-class e-signature service that lets you replace paper and ink signature processes with fully automated electronic signature workflows. With it, you can easily send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device.
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Tracking and Management
  • Mobile Power
  • Microsoft 365 Integration
  • Automatic Record Keeping
  • Agreement Templates
  • Self-serve web forms
  • Mega sign for bulk sending
 ENA Logo

Dropped calls, poor audio quality, escalating fees—these are all indicators that it is time to upgrade your current communication platform. ENA SmartVoice is an interconnected, cloud-based VoIP solution designed to help organizations streamline their communications, cut costs, and introduce a new level of efficiency, security, and connectivity that traditional phone services just can’t deliver. With its enterprise-class features and functionality, ENA SmartVoice delivers the next generation of education and library-focused telephony. ENA SmartVoice delivers more value, more features and more security then other platforms available.

ENA is proud to partner with ESC 20 to deliver a robust and reliable VoIP solution that can greatly strengthen a school district’s communication infrastructure.

Learn more about ENA SmartVoice. For more information on pricing, contact Mark Smith, Senior Director of Sales, at 615-312-6155.

Securly Logo
Keep students safe on all devices with Securly’s signature cloud-based web filter. Get full visibility into online activity, download or email reports, and receive notifications for flagged content with the most sophisticated AI engine in student safety.

Features Include:
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Instant site learning
  • Social media and web searches
  • Delegated Admins
  • Accessible reporting
  • Parent access
  • Take-home and guest policies
  • Policy map and custom groups

NOTE: Districts larger than 20,000 will be given custom pricing. Please contact Jennifer Smith for more details.

Securly Product Bundles

The end-to-end student safety and device management solutions in product bundles that promote safety, management, and community.

  • Filter: Cloud-based web filter for all devices
  • Auditor: Email, Docs, and Drive scanning
  • Tipline: Anonymous tipline
  • 24: Highly-trained specialists, 24/7 monitoring
  • MDM: MDM for Apple devices
  • Classroom: Classroom management for Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Home: Parental controls for school-issued devices
  • Go: Parent protection for mobile devices, anywhere
  • Visitor: Visitor Management with instant identity checks

Safety Cloud

Student safety beyond filtering. Includes: Filter, Auditor, Tipline, Home, Go and Visitor. 24 is an optional add-on.

One to One Cloud

The ultimate 1:1 solution. Includes: Filter, MDM, Classroom and Home. 24 is an optional add-on.

360 Cloud

End-to-end student safety and device management. Includes: Filter, Auditor, Tipline, 24, MDM, Classroom, Home, Go and Visitor.

Securly Classroom

Securly Classroom is a cloud-based classroom management tool for Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac devices. Securly Classroom gives teachers new freedom to guide, monitor and communicate with students during class. Remove distractions and keep kids focused on learning.


  • Push URLs
  • Collect sites
  • Lock Screens
  • Lock sites
  • Control tabs
  • Create custom block list
  • View screens
  • View tabs
  • View browsing history
  • Raise hand
  • Make announcements
  • 2-way chat

ESC-20 will register a selected commercial name (.com, .net, .org, .us, etc.) with a licensed domain registration company on behalf of the client. The client will be billed the bundled domain fee based on the number of years selected. Fee is for the period July through June in increments of 3, 5 or 10 years.

NOTE: 10 year option is for NEW domain name registrations only.

Local, state or federal compliance regulations apply to nearly every business and organization. In case of litigation, all email content must be securely stored. Backup is non-compliant, since emails can be inadvertently altered. It’s also very time-consuming to search through all emails for court-required evidence. Since not all emails are created equal, it’s important to be able to set a global policy for all email users as well as special retention policies for select individuals.
With our solution for E-mail Archiving using Barracuda, emails can be searched via keywords in content, attachments, by user or date with multiple file formats supported. Our email archiving appliance sustains message integrity without duplication.

ACCURATELY PROTECT AGAINST DIVERSE THREATS. Internet criminals constantly evolve techniques to penetrate an organization’s defenses. Email threats have expanded beyond simply annoying spam to dangerous phishing and fraudulent spam. ESC-20’s email scanning solution uses conventional techniques and innovative context-sensitive detection technology to eliminate a diverse range of known and emerging email threats.

Gaggle Logo
Gaggle Safety Management uses an effective combination of artificial intelligence and trained safety experts to provide real-time analysis and review of students’ use of online collaboration platforms for email and schoolwork. Gaggle alerts school officials when students show signs of selfharm, depression, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, cyberbullying, credible threats of violence against others, or other harmful situations within Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and the Canvas learning management system. We offer administrators, teachers, and parents the peace of mind that students are being protected—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

To learn more on Gaggle and it’s additional features such as SpeakUp for Safety, Web Filter Support and Professional Development, please visit our website at

NOTE: If a district uses both Microsoft and Google for students or if district wants GSM for Staff Accounts, contact us for special pricing.

 Impero LogoImpero Software offers a classroom management solution that uses a range of classroom control tools, designed to empower teachers and keep students focused. In addition we provide a suite of network admin tools for streamlining networks and improving efficiency and time. Most importantly we protect students with a state-of-the-art online safety solution. Price is per license.

Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro is our core cloud suite, comprised of our Impero EdTeach, Impero EdAdmin, and Impero EdProtect modules. It seamlessly combines classroom control, network management and student online safety in a single web-based interface, designed to provide the three essential elements schools and districts need for digital learning to thrive.

Clients will receive a dedicated access port, IP address and technical support. Clients must acquire and pay for their own circuit and monthly circuit fee. This service includes advanced DDos protection.
NOTE: This service is designed for non-Fiber20 clients.
Region 20 now has the ability to provide storage for your Windows operating system or a system that has native Amazon S3 client support. With a Windows server we provide a client that will install on your server that creates a drive letter assignment to a specified folder and then synchronizes the contents of that folder according to your specification. We can also utilize a compatible S3 client of your choice. If you have an application that has native capabilities to connect to a cloud storage solution you should be able to use its native functions.
Please contact us for all required technical specifications to get started with this service.
Space in a standard 19” rack design. Power includes attachment to a UPS with backup power from a diesel generator. Includes one (1) public IP address. This solution is customizable.
NOTE: Fees noted are monthly
A secondary DNS provides redundancy in case the primary DNS server goes down. If there is no secondary server, when the primary fails, the website will become unavailable at its human-readable domain name (although it will still be accessible by its IP).

DNS servers are exposed to security threats, first and foremost Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). Setting up an external DNS provider with DDoS protection as a secondary DNS, is a common way to deflect DDoS attacks.

Pagefreezer enables schools to better manage their online conversations by monitoring posts and comments for inappropriate behavior (like profanity use, bullying, and harassment) on social media accounts. Pagefreezer also captures all data for compliance with the Texas Public Records Act and FOIA requests, and ensures it is of defensible quality for litigation matters. With Pagefreezer, you can capture complete social media records, including edited posts, deleted comments, and other dynamic social media elements to help you protect what matters.

 Social Sentinel Logo

Social Sentinel’s proprietary technology identifies potential threats in and beyond a geofence while respecting the boundaries of privacy and free speech. Public posts with potentially harmful content are delivered as Alerts or Discussions for your team to assess.

NOTE: Shareit is a simple way for students, faculty and staff to share important information anonymously. It is provided FREE with the purchase of Social Media Scanning and G-mail Integration.

ESC-20 will provide a virtual server in an isolated environment. Server will have remote access. Lead time is required for setup. ESC-20 retains ownership of hardware and software with one (1) public IP address provided. Operating system can be standard or enterprise.

Edlio Websites

Edlio’s robust content management system (CMS) powers beautifully designed websites that are easy to use and mobile responsive. Engage your entire education community with features like Google Classroom integration, a built-in email sender, School News App and settings for ADA compliance. Plus, all users can correspond with technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Edlio Broadcast makes it simple to send messages across multiple platforms, so you can focus on reaching the hearts and minds of your audience. Whether there’s an urgent alert to get out or you’re juggling multiple tasks, sending a message needs to be easy. Select your channel(s): Email, Text, Voice Message, or all three. Compose your message. Choose your recipients.

Online School Payments

Accepting online payments through OSP simplifies life for busy parents, increases revenue, and improves back end processes and transparency for schools. Offer a familiar shopping experience for parents and provide a convenient, secure method for families to pay for any school-related fee.

NOTE: Additional bundled and multi-year discounts are available for all Edlio products. Call for more information.