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The intent of the Mathematics Achievement Academies, Grades K–3 is to enhance teachers' knowledge and skills so they can effectively teach students in primary elementary grades to achieve mathematical proficiency. The academies will familiarize teachers with research-based effective and systematic instructional practices in mathematics that they can use to help students develop problem-solving skills and a strong foundation of number sense and fluency. These academies are free of charge and available this summer, dates and registration information is as follows: 


SUMMER 2021 


K-1st Grade Academy Sessions

Session 76673

Session 1 k-1

Session 2 k1


2nd Grade Academy Sessions

Session 76676

Session 2 2nd grade

2nd Grade Session 1


3rd Grade Academy Sessions

Session 76677

3rd Grade Session 1

Session 2 3rd Grade


Teachers that complete the three day face to face Math Achievement Academy and meet the eligibility requirements will receive a $350 stipend. 
Stipend eligibility requirements: 
  • Teacher must be contracted by an LEA during the time that he/she is attending the academy
  • Teacher must spend at least 50% of the time providing direct classroom instruction in math for the designated grade level of the session they are attending 
  • Teacher must attend all three face to face training days and can not be more than 15 minutes late
  • Teacher must not have previously received a Math Achievement Academy stipend in the past (one stipend per subject) 
How much is the stipend that eligible teachers will receive? 
$350, minus all applicable income taxes and payroll deductions
What relevant information will teachers be required to provide? 
In order to receive the stipend, each teacher will be required to sign and submit both a print and electronic stipend form. Teachers must provide the following information on the form: full legal name; district and campus names and Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Unique ID
How do I obtain my TSDS 10 digit unique ID? 
Teachers can visit the following TEA website to obtain their 10 digit unique:

When and how will a teacher receive the stipend? 
Academy participants must fill out an electronic stipend form during the academy. Information will be collected and submitted to TEA. TEA will process payments to school districts and charter schools for disbursement to eligible teachers who successfully complete an academy. Districts and charter schools are then responsible for ensuring that the stipend payment is issued to the teacher in a timely manner. This takes about 60 to 90 days, depending on the district’s method of payment.
Can a teacher refuse the stipend if he/she wants to count the days as summer comp day? If so, what would be the process for this?
A teacher will have the option to refuse the stipend. The Stipend Verification Form that academy participants are asked to complete provides an option for a teacher to refuse the stipend.
May teachers attend more than one academy and receive more than one stipend?
An eligible teacher may attend more than one math academy if the teacher is assigned to serve students in more than one grade level and if space is available. However, the teacher is only eligible to receive one stipend in total for Math.
Who is eligible to attend an academy?
This year the academies are open to any campus and district. Certified, full-time teachers who are assigned to teach math at the designated grade of the academy, will be eligible to attend an academy and receive a stipend. This includes teachers who spend at least 50% of the time providing direct classroom instruction in math to
Can an instructional coach, interventionist, or curriculum specialist attend an academy? 
An instructional coach, interventionist, or curriculum specialist who spends at least 50% of the time providing direct classroom instruction in math at the designated grade level of the academy is eligible to attend an academy and receive a stipend.
What if a teacher is 15 minutes late or has to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances?
It is acceptable for academy participants to miss no more than 15 minutes over the course of the three-day training and still be eligible to receive the stipend.
What if a teacher has an emergency and misses part of the academy (one of three days or part of a day)?
If a teacher misses part or all of any of the three days the academy is offered, the teacher is no longer eligible for the stipend unless the teacher attends a different academy for all three days that the academy is offered.
Can a teacher attend two days of an academy and then make up the third day at a later date in order to receive the stipend?
No. The teacher would have to attend all three days of an academy at the
later date in order to receive the stipend.