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Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the four core content areas of our State Curriculum, which includes Social Studies skills that are taught from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. They are essential for building foundations and content knowledge that students will connect new learning to as they grow vertically.
Much of the focus when considering professional development goes to the tested grade levels and subjects. It's time we're proactive and recognize how important the non-tested grade levels play in laying the foundation for understanding, making connections, and processing information for students when they reach those levels that are tested. Our work here at the Education Service Center is research-based and data-driven to help you make educated decisions when considering professional development for yourself or the teachers in your district. Please call me to discuss how I can help. 


Ana Villarreal Simpson, M.Ed
Social Studies Consultant
(210) 370-5405
Ana Villarreal Simpson
Carolina Gonzales
Coordinator III
BESL and Core Content Areas
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