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Field Supervisors

The Texas Education Agency has created 2 separate trainings for Field Supervisors of Educator Preparation Programs.

Field Supervisor Observation Training

(for Teacher Certification Candidates)

Field Supervisor Observation Training is training developed for providing guidelines and instruction in delivering structures and practices for field supervisor observation visits to teacher candidates participating in clinical teaching or internship experiences through educator preparation programs (EPPs).

Training includes the following:

  • An overview of the T-TESS domains and rubric
  • A review of the role of a field supervisor
  • An overview of the evaluation cycle: pre-conference, observation, post-conference
  • Planning for and conducting a pre-conference
  • Collecting evidence during an observation
  • Categorizing evidence collected during an observation and connecting it to the domains
  • Practice in conducting a post observation debrief
  • Instruction in and practice in coaching and encouraging teacher reflection through questioning

Field Supervisor Coaching Training

(for Advanced Certification Candidates such as: Superintendent, Principal, School Counselor, Educational Diagnostician, etc.)

Field Supervisor Coaching Training provides guidelines and instruction for field supervisor support to candidates seeking certification in an area other than classroom teacher and who are participating in practicum experiences through educator preparation programs (EPPs). The training focuses on structures and practices that support candidates’ development with respective certification standards for performance.

Training includes the following:

  • Field supervisor observation protocol
  • Overview of the evaluation cycle: pre-conference, observation, post-conference in EPP contexts
  • Collecting evidence relative to the certification standards and practices
  • Inquiry-based approach to coaching and supporting candidates
  • Level 1 and 2 field supervisor coaching competencies
  • Coaching resources and tools
  • Advancing actions and outcomes for candidates