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Close Up - Washington DC Leadership Academy

Close Up’s flagship High School Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience their government in action. From visits to Washington’s famous monuments, memorials, and institutions, to meetings with their Congressional delegation on Capitol Hill, Close Up students get a first-hand look at the American political system and consider what role they, as students, play in our democracy.
Throughout the week, students explore DC and interact with students from all across the country. With the help of our program instructors, students consider how the people and events represented in DC’s memorials impact their lives today. As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, Close Up helps students learn more about their history and government while considering a variety of viewpoints. This keeps students interested, informed, and engaged. They are not just passively listening to a tour guide—they are making a personal connection with the famous places of the nation’s capital.
Congratulations to the cohort of students who participated in the Washington DC trip, June 7-13, 2020!
Student's Name School District
Brendela Avalos Carrizo Springs ISD
Guadalupe Juantos La Pryor ISD
Itzel Juantos La Pryor ISD
Dyland Garcia Leal Medina Valley ISD
Sergio Garcia Leal Medina Valley ISD
Yovana Lopez  Northside ISD 
Jose Lozano Cotulla ISD
Marissa Perez La Pryor ISD
Kevin Pimentel East Central ISD
Cecilia Quilimaco Medina Valley ISD
Jaelynn Ramirez Southwest ISD
Andrea Rios Devine ISD
Luis Rios Alamo Heights ISD
Adriana Rodriguez Cotulla ISD
Itzel Ruvalcaba Southwest ISD
Jose Luis Uballe La Pryor ISD
Alicia Vasquez-Rodriguez  Cotulla ISD