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Implementing TEA COVID-19 Support and Guidance

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To better support our LEAs with navigating the flow of COVID-19 related information from the state, implementing Agency requests, and synthesizing Agency communication we have created a list of ESC-20 Staff that will serve as points of contacts for the following areas:


Early Childhood (Pre-k)

Graduation / Grading / Academic Credit / CCMP


District Reporting and Data


Data Reporting and Compliance

General IT/ E-Rate, Cybersecurity

FEMA-Related Issues

Enrollment and Attendance

State Funding, Waivers



Special Populations

English Learners

Mobile and At-Risk

Gifted and Talented


Student Assessment

STAAR Assessment



Support for School Districts

School Boards/Charter Schools


Mental Health

Student Discipline

School Safety

School Improvement


Texas Educators

Current Educator Evaluation and Support

Educator Certification and Preparation