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Library Leadership Cooperative 

Library leaders have the potential to positively impact every student, teacher, and administrator on their campus. The On the Leading Edge Series is designed for all K-12 librarians committed to supporting schools and learning through advancing their leadership capacity.
Cooperative services apply regardless of whether or not a librarian currently holds a formal leadership title.

Goals of the Co-op:

  • Establish a supportive regional cohort of school library leaders for purposes of networking, collaboration, and continuous growth.
  • Advance leadership skills in school libraries.
  • Inspire insight and strategy development for building strong, high performing school library programs.
  • Examine and develop ways to measure impact in order to advocate for and build strong support for school libraries.



$750 per person. Sign up through the ESC-20 Commitment System.

A 50% discount for one participant per district is offered to ESC-20 Educational Resources Co-op members.

All participants will receive a copy of The Many Faces of School Library Leadership, 2nd Edition by Sharon Coatney and Violet Harada, editors; Libraries Unlimited, 2017.

Session Dates and Descriptions:

Participants in the On the Leading Edge Series will progress as a cohort through the following full day online sessions. Attendees will engage with experts and guest speakers and have the opportunity to receive support in chosen areas of targeted leadership development.
On the Leading Edge of Visioning

(Thursday, October 7, 2021)

Build a foundation by analyzing core beliefs about what you do and why you do it. Begin a strategic plan for the future of the school library program and consider ways to communicate that plan and its progress.

On the Leading Edge of Relationships

(Thursday, November 4, 2021)

Examine the status of current stakeholder relationships and evaluate relationship needs. Devise a plan to reach and engage with stakeholders and reinforce existing relationships.

On the Leading Edge of Coaching

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Build and practice coaching skills to strengthen interpersonal connections. Examine purpose and intent of messages with empathy and openness to varied points of view.

On the Leading Edge of Influence

(Thursday, January 13, 2022)

Draft goals in alignment with district/school and library program plans. Examine, design, and develop methods to measure the library program's impact on student growth. Devise a plan to effectively communicate results and observations to all stakeholders.

On the Leading Edge of Promotion

(Thursday, February 17, 2022)

Design and develop a marketing plan to build awareness of library activities and programs. Collect data and evidence of outreach results. Build an advocacy platform.

On the Leading Edge of Opportunity

(Thursday, March 24, 2022)

Compile a plan for next school year identifying areas of intended transformation. Identify and plan professional development. Establish methods for ongoing analysis of the value added to student learning by the library program.