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Administrators & School Board


Campus and District level leaders are critical to a successful transition from TAKS to STAAR. The role of the leader in setting the vision and expectations for curriculum and instruction is a critical component of this transition. On this page school leaders will find a number of tools and resources to support and assist with this responsibility.
Due to recent changes in legislation impacting state assessment and graduation requirements, we are updating the content of our STAAR resources webpage. To learn more about these changes please, visit our House Bill 5 information page and click on the “HB 5 Assessments Summary” and the “HB5 Graduation Summary.” These documents, in addition to other resources on the House Bill 5 page, can help you to understand the changes and structure of STAAR Assessments and their correlation to graduation plans and requirements.


School Board

The role that our school board members play is critical to the success of the children that they serve. A comprehensive understanding of the new state of Texas assessment system - STAAR™, will assist them in their role as board members. This site will provide tools and resources to assist school board members in this function.


Tools & Resources

The purpose of this quick reference guide is to provide districts information and resources related to understanding the STAAR performance reports. This guide addresses a score report breakdown, considerations for communicating with parents and additional STAAR resources.