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Test Item Banks

TEKSBank, the online bank of test questions and resources developed and aligned to Texas STAAR Student Expectations. More than 40,000 items aligned with the cognitive and procedural rigor of the TEKS and STAAR. TEKSbank includes items for grades 3-11. TEKSbank also includes ALL of the STAAR released test items, ALL STAAR released tests, Spanish items for grades 3-5 and resource arrays aligned to the TEKS.
  • Written to the 4 core subjects
  • Grades 3-11
  • Over 40,000 questions
  • Search by standard or keyword
  • Authoring tool
  • Item numbers will stay the same
  • Change content within the question
  • Reduce answers choices
  • Change images within the question
  • Organize text into categories
  • Tabs to navigate within the system
  • Change layout, type and resources
  • Able to design a test booklet
  • Simplified sharing of test

*Districts with TEKS Resource System will be able to access assessment items that correspond with TEKS Resource System units of study.
TAG is a web-based program that allows educators to create assessments in order to benchmark student progress. Creating local assessments gives administrators and teachers the ability to monitor student progress and to make data-driven instructional decisions based on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Primary Features
  • Create customized local assessments using released TEA and STAAR items tied to the appropriate Student Expectations by grade level along with the Supporting/Readiness Standards and Process Skills
  • Utilize original content added by qualified educators selected to be TAG Authors
  • Insert locally developed test items and graphics
  • Print crisp, clear graphics and test items
  • Modify TCMPC unit assessments to customize them for your school (available to TCMPC districts only)