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AR/VR & Virtual Programs

ESC-20 knows the important role technology plays in the classroom which is why we have created offerings to enhance learning environments through our Virtual Programs and AR/VR equipment. We can bring equitable experiences to education that could ultimately provide increased opportunity, knowledge and most importantly inspiration to all students. With the offering of virtual programs through videoconferencing and AR/VR experience through Merge cubes and goggles, your students can explore endless opportunities of learning.
With our Virtual Programs, you and your students can go just about anywhere on Earth! Educators use videoconferencing to engage their students in a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Virtual Programs are designed to be both entertaining and educational for the classroom.

Schedule Programming

Please browse the programming offered through either Connect2Texas or CILC

Sessions are of varying lengths.

Sessions are for the grade levels indicated in the session descriptions.

Sample Catalog Offerings

  • All About Matter
  • Eggs Everywhere
  • Math at the Zoo

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  • Gravity: Sir Isaac Newton and the Apple Tree!
  • Science Live! – Sciencepalooza
  • Snakes Rattle! Snakes Molt! Now You Try It!

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  • In Depth: Autopsy (your favorite)
  • In Depth: Kidney Transplant
  • Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement

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Not sure if your District is part of the netVision20 Premier Membership? Contact your District Technology Director today!

 Please note: If your school does not have videoconferencing equipment, please let us know when booking the program so that we may get you set up through our Mobile Video Conferencing.

We now have Merge Virtual Reality ClassPaks that include 15 Merge AR/VR Goggles and 30 Merge Cube for check out to our netVision20 Premier Districts. If you have any teachers that are interested in trying these Merge Classpaks out in the classroom please have them fill out the check out form. The Merge Classpaks are allowed to be checked out for 35 days at a time.


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