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ESC-20 A-Z Products & Services Index
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Product/Service Contact Phone
2013 Educational Technology & General Supplies Purchasing Cooperative James (Jim) Metzger 210-370-5204
504 Services Marsalie Zinsmeyer 210-370-5733
Accelerated Schools Naomi Woods 210-370-5642
Access to General Curriculum Bianca Cole 210-370-5452
Access to the General Curriculum Lisa Kirby 210-370-5469
Access to the General Curriculum Kimberly Baumgardner 210-370-5431
Access to the General Curriculum Michelle Soriano 210-370-5468
Accountability Cheri Hendrick 210-370-5451
Accountability/Accreditation Cheri Hendrick 210-370-5451
Adult Education & Literacy Program Marsha Ellis 210-370-5707
Adult Education and Literacy Grant Consortium Kimberly (Kim) Vinton 210-370-5238
Advanced Academics Rolando Ruvalcaba 210-370-5398
AppleCare Warranty Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Assistive Technology Dana Frankland 210-370-5441
Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) Amanda Real 210-370-5781
Autism Spectrum Disorders Janet Enriquez 210-370-5381
Beginning Teacher Support Jayme Presley 210-370-5429
Benefits Cooperative Rebecca (Becky) Roberts 210-370-5222
Benefits Cooperative Briana Garcia 210-370-5223
Bexar Prep Leslie Cooper 210-370-5774
Bilingual/ESL Claudia Vargas-Ramirez 210-370-5463
Bilingual/ESL Irma Tajonar 210-370-5326
Braille Services Jesus (Jesse) Bonilla 210-370-5679
Bus Driver Certification Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
Business Financial Services Cooperative Paul Neuhoff 210-370-5235
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Virginia (Ruthie) Pe'Vey Kneupper 210-370-5424
Career Portal Charles Wimett 210-370-5313
Charter Schools Dee Ann Drummond Estlack 210-370-5719
Charter Schools - Special Education Sherry Marsh 210-370-5411
Child Find & Early Childhood Transition Amanda Real 210-370-5781
Coaching Sandra (Sandi) Slough 210-370-5731
College and Career Readiness Naomi Woods 210-370-5642
Communications Mayra De Hoyos 210-370-5617
Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) Samuel (Sam) Gonzalez 210-370-5467
Consulting Services-Information Technology - Business Maria Bell 210-370-5615
Consulting Services-Information Technology - Systems Randall (Randy) Berry 210-370-5315
Consulting Services-Information Technology, Student Carolyn Trip 210-370-5796
Copy Services James (Jim) Metzger 210-370-5204
Curriculum Forum Janna Poth 210-370-5674
Curriculum Forum Janna Poth 210-370-5674
Customized Technical Training Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Data Analysis Stephen Enriquez 210-370-5486
Data Analysis Deborah (Debbie) Rosenbaum 210-370-5368
Deaf Education Shelly Deaver Bybee 210-370-5628
Dell Warranty Support Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Digital Age Learning Susan Reeves 210-370-5710
Digital Age Learning Miriam Martinez 210-370-5454
Disaster Recovery Services Thomas (Tom) Grove 210-370-5656
Discipline & Behavior Cheri Kahn 210-370-5702
Discipline & Behavior Cindi Bowling 210-370-5213
Discovery Education Cynthia (Cyndi) Zaragoza 210-370-5407
Dyslexia Kathryn (Katy) Kloberdanz 210-370-5476
Early Childhood School Readiness Integration Jennifer Martinez 210-370-5783
Educational Resources Cooperative Rachel Morales 210-370-5695
English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) Carolina Gonzales 210-370-5483
English/Language Arts/Reading Abigail (Abby) Rayburn 210-370-5448
English/Language Arts/Reading Cynthia (Cyndi) Pina 210-370-5404
Facts on File Rachel Morales 210-370-5695
Family Engagement Kimberly Baumgardner 210-370-5431
Field Services Dee Ann Drummond 210-370-5719
Field Services Edward (Ed) Vara 210-370-5471
Field Services Linda McAnelly 210-370-5693
Financial Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG) Paul Neuhoff 210-370-5235
Financial Organizational Review & Compliance (FOR-C) Denise Dusek 210-370-5378
Financial Services Coop Paul Neuhoff 210-370-5235
Food and Nutrition Services Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
Foster Care Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
Franklin-Covey Training Sandra (Sandi) Slough 210-370-5731
Franklin-Covey Training Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
Gifted and Talented Rolando Ruvalcaba 210-370-5398
Head Start Carol Morgan 210-370-5663
Hearing Screening Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
Idrive ISD Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
Infrastructure & Networking Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
iTCCS Charles Wimett 210-370-5313
Leadership Services Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Lisa Kirby 210-370-5469
Library Resource Roundup Martha (Marty) Rossi 210-370-5711
Library Services Martha (Marty) Rossi 210-370-5711
Living Science Materials Center Charlotte Tondre 210-370-5688
Low Incidence Disabilities Dana Frankland 210-370-5441
LPAC Framework Carolina Gonzales 210-370-5483
Mathematics Sylvia Wilborn 210-370-5455
Mathematics Brandi Simpson 210-370-5437
Mathematics Monice Kretzschmer 210-370-5427
McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
Media (CD/DVD) Duplication & Encoding Kyle Lanford 210-370-5646
Meeting Rooms Mary Neitzel 210-370-5673
Migrant Education Program (MEP) Patricia Martinez 210-370-5684
netVision20 Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Network Assessment Services Michael (Mike) Garcia 210-370-5740
Network/Server Support Manuel Salinas 210-370-5728
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Alexandra (Alex) Dominguez 210-370-5410
Non-Educational Support Services Denise Dusek 210-370-5378
Online Professional Development Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
PACE (Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities) James (Jim) Metzger 210-370-5204
Paraprofessionals/Training Jayme Presley 210-370-5429
Parent Resources Kimberly Baumgardner 210-370-5431
Pearson VUE Testing Center Jennifer Smith 210-370-5716
PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) Charles Wimett 210-370-5313
Performance-Based Monitoring Dawn White 210-370-5402
Personnel Services Cooperative Kathleen (Kathy) Cervantez 210-370-5670
Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Darlene Redclift 210-370-5456
Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) Sarah Ford 210-370-5613
Project SMART Jennifer Villegas 210-370-5773
Purchasing Cooperative James (Jim) Metzger 210-370-5204
Reading and Mathematics Academies Joel Rodriguez 210-370-5612
Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Evelyn Villarreal 210-370-5479
Registration Mary Neitzel 210-370-5673
Rent-a-Tech Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Response to Intervention (RTI) Marsalie Zinsmeyer 210-370-5733
Restorative Discipline Darlene Redclift 210-370-5456
Restorative Discipline Cheri Kahn 210-370-5702
Restorative Discipline Cindi Bowling 210-370-5213
School Bus Driver Certification/Training Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
School Bus Driver Physicals Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
School Health Program Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
School Improvement Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
School Safety Lawrence (Larry) Rodriguez 210-370-5616
School Support Team Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
School Transportation Services Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
School Transportation Services Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
Science Nancy Rodriguez 210-370-5611
Science Lisa Soll 210-370-5284
Site-Based Decision Making Demetrio Garcia 210-370-5475
Social Studies Ana Villarreal Simpson 210-370-5405
Special Education Sherry Marsh 210-370-5411
Special Education Compliance/Funding Issues Sherry Marsh 210-370-5411
Special Education Disproportionality Amanda Real 210-370-5781
Special Education Evaluation Amanda Real 210-370-5781
Special Education Field Service Agents Amy Strauch 210-370-5440
Special Education Field Service Agents Lisa Kirby 210-370-5469
Special Education Funding Resources Denise Dusek 210-370-5378
Special Education Parent Resources Kimberly Baumgardner 210-370-5431
Special Education Related Services Dana Frankland 210-370-5441
Speech Therapy Jennifer Monique (Jenn) Cooper 210-370-5626
State Assessment - Special Education Michelle Soriano 210-370-5468
State Assessment - Special Education Dana Frankland 210-370-5441
State Assessment - Special Education Lisa Kirby 210-370-5469
State Assessment - Special Education Bianca Cole 210-370-5452
State Compensatory Education Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator 7 Dawn White 210-370-5402
State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator 7 Sarah Ford 210-370-5613
State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators 13 & 14 Samuel (Sam) Gonzalez 210-370-5467
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Naomi Woods 210-370-5642
Strategic Planning Shannon Allen 210-370-5481
Student Assessment Administration Cheri Hendrick 210-370-5451
Substitute Training Jayme Presley 210-370-5429
TCMPC TEKS Resource System Nancy Seidensticker 210-370-5443
Teacher Appraiser Certification (T-TESS) Leslie Cooper 210-370-5774
Teacher of the Year Mayra De Hoyos 210-370-5617
Teacher Orientation and Preparation Program (TOPP) Regina Hillis 210-370-5408
Technical Training Services Jennifer Smith 210-370-5716
Technical Training Services Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
Technology Director Information Harriett Jackson 210-370-5713
TEXAS 20 Purchasing Cooperative Jaclyn Perez 210-370-5207
Texas Computer Cooperative Jennifer Carver 210-370-5250
Title I Non-Public School Cooperative (for Bexar County) Alexandra (Alex) Dominguez 210-370-5410
Transition Samuel (Sam) Gonzalez 210-370-5467
Transportation Services Randal (Randy) Casteel 210-370-5203
TxEIS Charles Wimett 210-370-5313
txSuite (txGradebook, txConnect, and txMyZone) Charles Wimett 210-370-5313
Van Delivery Service Charlotte Tondre 210-370-5688
Video Production Kyle Lanford 210-370-5646
Vision Screening Amanda (Mandy) Tyler 210-370-5493
Visually Impaired Evelyn Villarreal 210-370-5479
VUE Testing Center Jennifer Smith 210-370-5716
WebCCAT Stephen Enriquez 210-370-5486
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