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Delivery and Return Policies
Living materials are delivered within Region 20 by the ESC-20 Media Van on a weekly basis. Non Region 20 schools should check with their Regional Service Centers for delivery schedule.

  • Most materials are not to be returned. Those materials that are to be returned are clearly marked and must be returned on the date indicated on the shipping invoice.
  • Rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters do not have to be returned. Teachers must have their own cages and water bottles. Before returning an animal, call the Living Science Center to request a cage for transportation. Adequate food must be placed in the cage when returning animals to ESC-20.
  • All animals and materials will be delivered in ESC-20 owned containers and/or cages. All animal cages must be returned to ESC-20 on the next van pickup/delivery date following receipt of the animal. If special arrangements are required, contact the Operations Manager of the Living Science Materials Center.
  • Also please return fish containers (even if broken), all mealworm containers, baby food jars, and distilled water containers so they can be reused.
  • Live snakes, when available, are loaned for a 2 week period and are shipped in locked cages. Notify the Living Science Center if you wish to receive a key to the cage.
Living Science Materials Center
Tel: (210) 370-5688
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