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Myths about Making Career Decisions
Making a career decision is a hard process that requires you to believe in yourself, and to understand your interests, skills, talents and values. It requires a desire to “take charge” of your own future and to believe that you can do anything you want to do and are willing to work and train for. Making career choices and planning is different now than in the past. The following are myths about career decision making that are not true today.
1. I need to decide on a career or a job title that will last the rest of my life The average adult in America changes job 12 – 15 times in his/her working career. Five – seven times by age 30. 60% of jobs that today’s 8th graders will do have not been invented yet.

2. I need to decide on a specific occupation or job before I start high school. It is important to use career awareness tools to understand your interests, your skills, and your work values. Then you can explore several career paths to see what area(s) are a good match for you.

3. There is a perfect career for me. There are many excellent career choices for you, but none will be perfect. Continue to explore your own interests, take your academic courses in high school very seriously and look for ways that your classes and your extracurricular interests connect with possible career paths.

4. I have to decide whether or not I am going to college before I begin high school. A solid educational foundation is important for success in any career, and 95% of all high skill/high wage jobs require some training beyond high school. However, there are many ways to get that education and training, including a University setting. Explore your interests, skills, values and needs. Learn about jobs that you can obtain right after graduation and try working at them while you pursue additional education and training. Many business and industry partners will hire you and pay for you complete your education while you work.

5. Some careers are not open to me because of my race, color, national origin, gender or age. ALL CAREERS ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU. It’s all up to you! Go for it!

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