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Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services
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  • Non-Educational Community-Based Support Services (Non-Ed) funds provide assistance to support families of students with disabilities*, age 3 through 21, who are at risk of being placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes. Non-Ed funds may also be used to support the family when a student with disabilities* placed in a residential facility primarily for educational purposes returns home from the residential facility.
    Non-Ed funds are intended to help families care for their children with disabilities* and enable the families to better cope with having a child with a disability* at home. Non-Ed funds may not be used for a student with disabilities* who is currently placed or needs to be placed in a residential facility primarily for non-educational reasons.

    *Students with Disabilities are students with an IEP (Individualized Education Program); Non-Ed funds are not applicable to students with disabilities with only a Section 504 accommodations plan.

    Services provided with Non-Ed funds must be non-educational in nature and must not be used for services that are paid with educational funds. All special education and related services allowable by Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B (IDEA-B) in the implementation of a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) are not allowable expenditures with Non-Ed funds.
    Additionally, services provided with Non-Ed funds are not intended to be intensive or long-term but rather, periodic and short-term.
    Parents wishing to access Non-Ed services may contact their child's school and request a meeting to discuss the need for Non-Ed services.
    The Non-Ed application can only be initiated and completed by the independent school district (ISD) or open-enrollment charter school. The application process requires collaboration between the LEA (ISD or Open-Enrollment Charter School), parent(s), and the Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) that services the area in which the student resides.
    Non-Ed funds are optional for an LEA (ISD or Open-Enrollment Charter School). If an LEA chooses to apply for Non-Ed funds, the Non-Ed application must be submitted to ESC-20 by the deadline established by ESC-20.
    Non-Ed funds are available for allowable, approved services provided between September 1 of the current year and August 31 of the following year. All expenditures and payments for services must occur between these dates.
    The LEA that is awarded Non-Ed funds must not make payments directly to the family but instead, must make payments for allowable, approved Non-Ed expenditures directly to the service provider.

    2019-2020 School Year 

    Funding Period: September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020

    Complete one application per student.

    TWO DEADLINES: 08/31/19 and 09/30/19

    AUGUST 31, 2019 DEADLINE:


    By August 31, 2019, please send an email to Denise Dusek with an estimate of the amount you will be requesting. (Contact link is located at the upper right corner of this webpage.)

    For privacy reasons, please do NOT include student names in the email.



    By September 30, 2019, please submit the completed, signed application(s) to ESC-20:

    Mail or hand-deliver the Non-Ed application(s) to: 

    Attn: Denise Dusek 
    Education Service Center, Region 20 
    1314 Hines Avenue 
    San Antonio, TX  78208

    Please do NOT send the application(s) by email or fax, due to student privacy reasons.

    AFTER SEPTEMBER 30, 2019:

    After the September 30, 2019 deadline, please contact Denise Dusek to inquire if funds are available. (Contact link is located at the upper right corner of this webpage.)

    For privacy reasons, please do NOT include student names in any emails.

  • For questions regarding Non-Ed funds, the possibility of additional Non-Ed funds available after the initial deadline, or assistance with completion of the application, please contact Denise Dusek (Contact link is located at the upper right corner of this webpage).

    For assistance in contacting your county's CRCG, please visit their webpage:

    Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs)

Denise Dusek
Federal Funding Specialist
(210) 370-5378

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