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Videoconferencing includes netVision20 Videoconferencing, Bridging (TETN, Virtual Field Trips, etc.) and Satellite Downlinking. A variety of teaching, learning and staff development opportunities are available. Sample videoconferencing programs currently in use are:
  • Virtual field trips
  • Professional development for educators
  • School board training
  • College and university credit opportunities
  • Dual-credit courses
  • Out-of-state interviews

Our videoconferencing partners include a number of districts, schools and/or higher education partners connected directly or indirectly to the ESC-20 videoconferencing hub.
Video bridging allows netVision20 clients connected to the ESC-20 hub to videoconference with "off-network" sites. Part of the video bridging service is remote site testing. Prior to any conference involving a remote or off-network site, a technical test of the site is conducted by ESC-20 staff to verify connectivity, audio and video quality, and establish technical contacts. Remote site certification is conducted at least 48 hours prior to a video bridge event.
Freedom Calls
In conjunction with the Freedom Calls Foundation, ESC-20 provides videoconferencing services connecting families in real time with their loved ones serving in Iraq.
Satellite Downlinking
Several satellite channels can be transmitted to sites that are netVision20 members participating in a video services contract. To see the schedule of satellite opportunities, click the provider and search the catalog. Once you have determined which program you would like transmitted, call to schedule.
Virtual Field Trips (VFTs)
On a virtual field trip, you and your students can go just about anywhere on Earth -- out into the solar system and beyond! You can take your students outside the classroom without ever opening the door! Like traditional field trips, virtual field trips are designed to be entertaining and educational. For more information about virtual field trip opportunities, or contact Marty Rossi.
Web-based Scheduling System
A newly deployed web-based scheduling system called Renovosoft has been implemented. Site Managers and Technology Directors are able to monitor upcoming conferences and pull reports for their site/room usage for deployed codec. Contact Harriett Jackson to setup your username and password.

Access to the regionwide schedule is provided to netVision20 video members.
Members are provided a username and password for access to the web-based server for scheduling their own sessions. Conflict resolution of scheduling requests with other cascaded video schedulers are provided by ESC-20 staff.

Access to netVision20 scheduling contacts is 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on days of Center operation, with after hours support available upon request. If requested, an ESC-20 MCU operator will "meet and greet" participants in a session, that is, verify a conference via video, conduct a roll call, confirm participation and then hand over the session to the host or conference originator.
Scheduling Options
  • Schedule a conference in advance - Request Form
  • Add my site to a previously scheduled conference
  • Launch an immediate "ad-hoc" conference*
  • Contact ESC-20 staff for assistance in scheduling a conference.
* For netVision20 Site Manager use only.
Whether you're scheduling a new conference or requesting to be added to a scheduled conference, it's important to understand some rules and guidelines for video conference usage:
  • The "HOST" is the primary contact person and originator for each conference. The host is also the final authority for any changes or modifications to scheduled events.
  • The "STATUS" column indicates whether a conference is either "OPEN" or "CLOSED".
    "CLOSED" conferences are previously scheduled events that require approval from the host to add your site to the conference. These conferences can only be modified with a direct request from the host to the scheduler.
  • If you would like to participate in a conference identified as "CLOSED", your request to be added to this event would require approval from the host.
  • "OPEN" conferences are events that the host has approved in advance for sites to be added automatically as requests are made.
Harriett Jackson
Component Director
(210) 370-5713

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