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Cloud services include computing delivered as a service versus a product, where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a   utility over a network (typically the Internet).

  • Internet content filtering that complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) including an account to create unique and customized profiles based on a library of content categories. The filtering service extends to such mobile devices as laptops, tablets, iPads, smart devices, etc. that go home with students and/or staff. A rack appliance for content filtering including setup and software is provided. For existing appliances in place, a maintenance fee is required.

    NOTE: A minimum of 25 computers is required. Both the annual subscription and an appliance must be selected if a direct connection to ESC-20 for Internet service is not in place.  Internet service clients may obtain this service with the content filtering subscription ONLY.


    • Block access to Internet websites using categories such as adult, violence, illegal, hacking, drugs, dating, etc.
    • Control access to online applications such as online chat and instant messenger programs, P2P programs, FTP programs, gaming and more.
    • Create custom website block and allow lists for specific website domains and/or sites.
    • Assign nicknames to uniquely identify computers.
    • Setup different filtering groups to allow for different sets of filtering rules.

  • ESC-20 will register a selected commercial name (.com, .net, .org, .us, etc.) with a licensed domain registration company on behalf of the client.  The client will be billed the yearly domain fee based on the number of years selected. Fee is per year for the period July through June in increments of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.


    • No more risk of losing your domain because you forgot to renew.
    • URLs secured for anywhere from one to ten years.

  • E-mail archive/retrieval down to individual mailbox for Exchange mailboxes. An annual per mailbox fee is required.


  • Scanning of e-mail to eliminate worms, viruses and SPAM based on a limited number of average daily attendance (ADA) bands. An annual scanning fee is required.

  • Impero LogoImpero Software offers a classroom management solution that uses a range of classroom control tools, designed to empower teachers and keep students focused. In addition, we provide a suite of network administration tools for streamlining networks and improving efficiency and time. Most importantly we protect students with a state-of-the-art online safety solution. Price is per license.
  • Internet access including IP address allocation, domain registration, domain name service, web site hosting, e-mail accounts, router management and technical support. Fees vary by month, year and/or one-time.

    Provision of Internet access to districts, schools and other educational entities. To ensure optimal security, ESC-20 uses multiple devices to secure and manage bandwidth. These devices detect and eliminate the most damaging threats such as viruses, worms, intrusions, in real time without degrading network performance. They monitor and shape traffic in real-time to maximize application throughput across the network infrastructure. In addition to securing Internet traffic, ESC-20 can assist in identifying security threats and securing internal networks from intrusion by evaluating various security measures.

    In designing Internet access, ESC-20 has chosen a standard set of equipment, protocols and other elements to reduce the complexity in deploying and maintaining the wide area network. These choices have also been made with the intention of evolving Internet access from conventional routing to high speed Ethernet switching as part of the ESC-20's long-term strategy to increase capacity and efficiency. This design also has the flexibility to provide advanced data services and mainframe resources from ESC-20 in the future with minimum changes to the basic equipment required for Internet access.

    As part of the Internet access, clients will receive an access port, IP address and technical support.

    Access Port

    ESC-20 will provide a dedicated port at the ESC-20 hub for T-1 or access to the wide area network. Additional ports may be secured by the client as needed to connect additional circuits for increased bandwidth. The client will be billed the standard monthly access fee for each port.

    Client Requirements Clients must acquire and pay for their own T-1 or circuit. Clients are also responsible for acquiring and configuring routers, servers and other connectivity and computer equipment required for their sites.

    ESC-20 will assist clients as needed to define the specifications for this equipment, purchase it through the clients own preferred vendors or the ESC-20 Technology Purchasing Co-op, and configure it for operation. Installation services are available through ESC-20 at an additional fee.

    IP Address Allocation ESC-20 will allocate IP addresses for the client up to a maximum justifiable number as determined by the size of the network. Should the client require a number of addresses beyond what can be provided by ESC-20, the client must obtain the additional addresses directly from the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). In any case, the client will be advised to conserve addresses by implementing a firewall, network address translation (NAT) or port address translation (PAT). These technologies are very effective in reducing public address space requirements while maintaining full capabilities and performance for the client’s end users.

    Partners In the highly competitive world of telecommunications, stability is the most important factor in considering a service provider. Education Service Center, Region 20 (ESC-20) has selected Education Service Center, Region 11 (ESC-11) and Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) as our Internet carriers. Currently, ESC-20 has a 10 GB redundant uplink to ESC-11 and 1 GB to TETN. ESC-20 employs Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing to achieve portability and autonomy. ESC-20 has an Autonomous System Number (ASN) which allows us to own and administer our Internet Protocol (IP) address space.

    ESC-11 and TETN support ESC-20 with resources to negotiate telecommunication services and rates across service boundaries of local providers, providing a single point of contact for troubleshooting network failures, and guarantee the ability to scale capacity to meet bandwidth demand. Operating in the ESC-20 Data Center, the local ESC-11 point of presence and TETN interface directly with netVision20 to provide reliable, high performance Internet access to ESC-20 clients. The two (2) ISPs provide for added protection and redundancy.

    Technical Support During the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays, ESC-20 support staff will be available for telephone assistance regarding routers, Domain Name Services (DNS) and systems related to Internet access.

  • Space in a standard 19" rack design. Power to the systems installed including attachment to an uninterruptible power supply with backup power supplied from a diesel generator in the event of a total power outage. Hosted firewall management, firewall and VPN service setup and configuration. 2 public IP addresses. 30 Amps per customer and 2 GB per month of data transfer per month/per device will be supplied. Fee is monthly. Additional cost may be incurred for sustained data transfer use greater than 2 GB per month for a timeframe over 30 days.


  • Local backup storage to place data. Five years hardware maintenance and support provided. Back-up agents and storage to backup, protect and manage your data online. Remote management for districts to retrieve status updates, restore files, manage backup jobs, schedule and identify retention policies. Backup fee is annual.

    • Full local data backup.

    • Replicated data offsite for disaster protection.

    • Message-level e-mail backup.

    • Open file backup support.

    • Deduplication for reduced bandwidth needs. 

  • Provide redundancy for primary name servers allowing backup of your DNS zones with secondary DNS to help prevent your domain from going offline.  Fee is annual.


    • Pull DNS records from another DNS server to keep records up to date.
    • Redundancy and high availability.

  • A virtual server in primary and secondary mode. Server will have remote access. Lead time is required for setup. ESC-20 retains ownership of hardware and software.  Two (2) public IP addresses will be provided.  Operating system can be standard or enterprise. Servers are basic with quad core, 4 GB or 8 GB, 100 GB and RAID5 or advanced with 8 core, 12 GB or 24 GB, 150 GB and RAID5. Fee is monthly.

  • The Client may secure up to 5 GB of disk space and publisher access for hosting a website on the netVision20 Web servers.  Fee is annual based on number of years selected.

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