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Today’s organizations demand a robust and secure network infrastructure to drive collaboration, keep data secure, and remain agile. Operational excellence and execution are the cornerstones of any successful school district. Our Infrastructure Services take a comprehensive approach to ensure that the infrastructure of your District operates as designed.
  • Access will be provided to a Solarwinds webpage to view bandwidth utilization graphically and in report formats. Telephone, remote and onsite support will be given for the software and setup of WAN devices to be viewed through monitoring. E-mail updates will be sent regarding any software changes and/or new developments. Training will be provided on how to read the utilization reports and graphics. Local bandwidth utilization reports will be provided four (4) times per year.

    NOTE: Access to the Wide Area Network (WAN) devices to be monitored is needed. This service is available to ISP clients ONLY.

  • A full assessment of district network vulnerabilities including documentation, diagrams, findings and recommendations. Access to website links with patches and hotfixes. Remote assistance for security issues. E-mail alerts of security issues as they arise. An option exists to purchase follow-up assessments to determine impact of network changes made post assessment.

    NOTE: New assessment is required if an assessment has not been performed in the last two years by ESC-20.

  • The purpose of a network diagram is to demonstrate how one computer or system is linked to others in a network. It can be useful when you have technicians trying to track down problems. Issues can be easily traced if the technicians have an understanding of how all the different devices in a network are connected. Network diagrams are really useful for Network Engineers to plan network design changes.

    ESC-20 will provide logical and physical diagrams in cut sheets (11 x 17) or poster size, CD-ROM Visio and PDF of the entire district network.

  • Consultation, configuration and support for servers, applications, phone switch, operating system, networking devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) and videoconference equipment.

    NOTE: Work may be supplemented through the use of partners.

  • A vulnerability scan may consist of a scan of servers, PCs or both. The vulnerability scan reports serve as a guide for remediation of vulnerabilities identified during the vulnerability scanning activities. These may be recommendations for system configurations or identification of missing patches or updates. Network Vulnerability Scan with a vulnerability scanning tool including asset results, audit and remediation reports. Further evaluation to identify network and system vulnerabilities by assessing management, operations, and technical aspects of an information system may be obtained through the purchase of a comprehensive Network Assessment.

    NOTE: Cost is based on blocks of 254 IP addresses.

  • Humans are often the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, It is critically important to integrate employee security awareness training into your organization. Proactive Security Awareness training of employees before an Information Security incident occurs will include best practices, policies, procedures, popular attack methods and trends. Organizations can significantly reduce their risk of a data breach by educating employees before an incident occurs.

    ESC-20 will provide proactive face-to-face one-hour Security Awareness training of employees. Training will include best practices, policies, procedures, popular attack methods and trends. Organizations can significantly reduce their risk by educating employees. Some customization can occur to identify items specific to your district such as actions, password policy, etc.

    NOTE: Districts may choose to train high school, middle school and elementary in three (3) different sessions. This will require the purchase of three (3) training sessions.

  • Anti-phishing and security awareness training from Security I.Q., a computer-based enterprise training platform. Simulation of phishing attacks included with remediation via training as an option.

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    NOTE: Price may decrease based of level of participation.

Mike Garcia
Security Administrator
(210) 370-5740
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Tom Grove
Network Architect/Engineer
(210) 370-5656
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