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Advocates for Youth: Parents Sex Ed Center
When it comes to development, sex, and sexuality, sometimes it can be hard to get started. Here are tips and exercises for starting to talk about these issues, how to talk about them, and how parents and their children can learn to communication clearly and listen well.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Teen Pregnancy Parent and Guardian Resources
Sexual development is a normal part of the teen years. Your teen needs your help in understanding his or her feelings, peer pressure, and how to say no if he or she does not want to have sex. If your teen starts having sex, he or she needs to know how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Teens want to talk with their parents about sex and relationships.

Healthy Children’s Dating & Sex Resources
Parents are a teenager's primary source of information and guidance in matters of sex, sexuality, dating and love. "The Talk" should be an ongoing series of discussions that take place whenever your teenager has a question concerning sex or whenever a "teachable moment" presents itself.

American Sexual Health Association: I Wanna Know!
At iwannaknow, we aim to give parents the tools they need to teach their children about sexual health. Sexual health is not just about sex--it includes the roles, behaviors and values people associate with being a man or a woman. Educating a child about sexual health is an important part of his or her healthy development.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
Teens consistently say that parents—not peers, not partners, not popular culture—most influence their decisions about relationships and sex. This section has some tips and scripts to help parents have an 18-year conversation with their kids about relationships, love, sex, and birth control.

Office of Adolescent Health: Talking with Teens
Research confirms what young people already know - what their parents have to say matters to teens. That's why parents play a powerful role in helping adolescents make healthy decisions about sex, sexuality, and relationships. But if you think talking to your son or daughter about sex is tough, or it makes you nervous, know that you're not alone.

Teen Sex: Online Resources
Teens may be tight-lipped when it comes to sex, especially when approached by their parents. Suggest your child check out these online resources as a way to springboard into important conversations.

Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities
The Center for Parent Information and Resources resource page addresses one aspect of development that’s important not to ignore with children with or without disabilities—the development of sexuality.

The Arc Autism Now: Resources for Learning about Sexuality
This website offers many resources geared toward parent, family members, caregivers and people with disabilities and the subject of sexuality.

Focus on the Family Sexuality Resources

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