ESC-20 Conference Building


Bilingual/ESL Home

The Bilingual/ESL team's goal is to provide professional development and technical assistance for the purpose of improving the academic achievement of English Language Learners (ELs) in the areas of:

  • Bilingual/ESL/Title III program administration
  • Effective language programs
  • Professional development opportunities for Bilingual/ESL and LOTE educators
  • Instructional strategies for Bilingual/ESL students
  • Curriculum modifications for Bilingual/ESL/Title III programs
  • Support for state and federal initiatives
  • English Language Proficiency (ELPS) standards

Bilingual/ESL Diverse Learners

The population of Texas is made up of many cultures, ethnicities, and languages. Every child has unique qualities that schools must recognize in order to meet individual learning needs and styles.