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School Information

Texas Public Schools

Access the revised Texas Education Directory Customized Reports and Data Files.
Texas School Directory
AskTED System Search From TEA - Includes Charter Schools and Independent School Districts by region.
School Districts in ESC-20
View all the school districts located in ESC-20 sorted by county.
Districts' Directory & Mailing Labels
Locate either state-wide information or choose information for specific regional education service centers, counties, school district, or schools.
PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System)
PEIMS encompasses all the data requested and received by TEA about public education, including student demographic and academic performance, personnel, financial, and organizational information.

 Texas MapSchool District Locator

The Texas School District Locator (SDL) provides basic information for Texas schools, districts, and education service centers (ESCs) in map format. It also provides school district information, district accountability ratings, and enrollment and performance reports in text format.

Major Features
  • Search capabilities based upon district name, district number, county, or ESC region
  • School district and ESC region boundaries
  • School type and location
  • Ability to zoom to or identify an individual school
  • Contact information for district trustees, and staff
  • District accountability ratings and enrollment information
  • School listings with address, accountability rating, and school type
  • Links to TEA school district reports (performance, financial, etc.)
  • Links to school district and ESC websites