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The Eduphoria 24-25 SY Kickoff Info Session, July 22, Session #103017, Register now!

The Eduphoria 24-25 SY Kickoff Info Session

Starting the school year can be quite hectic with various tasks demanding your attention simultaneously. This session aims to carve out dedicated time amidst your busy schedule to address all your administrative Eduphoria-related tasks and questions ahead of the new academic year. Both representatives from ESC-20 and Eduphoria will facilitate this session and offer assistance as needed. July 22, Session #103017, Register now!
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) 101, July 23 & 24, Session #93695, Register now!

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) 101

ECSE 101 is a *FACE TO FACE* training (July 23 and July 24, 2024) designed to build a foundation for all first year ECSE teachers. Participants will learn about special education as it pertains to the early childhood settings. A variety of developmentally appropriate activities will be discussed to target the diverse needs in the early childhood/ ECSE setting. LRE Settings and Federal Regulations will also be addressed. On site campus visit is provided once the school year begins to support implementation. A virtual zoom session will be scheduled to provide feedback from campus visit. July 23 & 24, Session #93695, Register now!

Targets TEA Strategic Priority Reading and Math

* Please note this is a multi-day workshop. Participants must attend all days to receive credit.
New Low Incidence Disabilities (LID) Teacher Summer Bootcamp! July 29-31, Session #102884, Register now!

New Low Incidence Disabilities (LID) Teacher Summer Bootcamp!

Are you new to the LID classroom? Whether it's your first-year teaching ever or just your first time in the LID setting, this boot camp is designed especially for you!

Low Incidence Disability (LID) programs are known by various names such as Life Skills, Functional Living Unit, Adaptive Learning Environment (ALE), etc., but we all share the common goal of providing safe, engaging, and effective practices for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

In this boot camp, you'll discover the best practices necessary to create and implement an organized, effective, and enjoyable learning environment for you and your students. Topics covered will include classroom setup and organization, strategies for communication and behavior management, grade-level TEKS curriculum, development of Standards-Based Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), STAAR Alternate 2, year-long planning, grading, and assuming the role of instructional leader in the classroom.

Participants will also engage in hands-on activities and leave with a toolbox of materials to kickstart their classroom programs! July 29-31, Session #102884, Register now!
2024 Blended Learning Institute, July 29, Session #103632, Register now!

2024 Blended Learning Institute

The Station Rotation Model (AM)
It's impossible to meet the needs of diverse learners if you move lockstep through curriculum and activities as a whole class. Explore how the Station Rotation Model can help you create more opportunities to work directly with small groups of students, individualize scaffolding and support, differentiate instruction, move feedback into the classroom, and allow students to control the pace of their learning.

Taking the Station Rotation to the Next Level (PM)
This workshop builds on a basic understanding of the purpose, benefits, and design of the station rotation model. It focuses on the role of data in designing and facilitating learning experiences that are accessible, inclusive, and equitable. Participants will explore and apply strategies for collecting pre-assessment data to understand where students are beginning in relation to concepts and skills.

July 29, Session #103632, Register now!
Aware’s New Navigation and Assessment Building Overview

Aware’s New Navigation and Assessment Building Overview

Join us for an informative session diving into Eduphoria's Aware new navigation and assessment building.

We'll start by exploring the revamped screen navigation, showcasing the intuitive new menu layout and essential filters for efficient browsing. Learn how to effortlessly navigate to popular destinations within Aware, empowering you to streamline your workflow.

After reviewing the new navigation, we'll delve into the fundamentals of assessment building in Aware. Discover step-by-step guidance on constructing assessments, from question creation to formatting. Additionally, we'll demonstrate how to seamlessly share assessments with your team and activate them for student access, ensuring a smooth assessment process from start to finish. Register today!
Navigating Section 504 for Campus Coordinators

Navigating Section 504 for Campus Coordinators

Bon Voyage! Get ready to set sail.....

Navigating Section 504 is a full-day session designed for campus 504 coordinators. This session is ideal for new campus coordinators or those seeking a foundation to help "steer their (504) ship".

Topics for the days travel include: an overview of Section 504 regulations, conducting 504 evaluations, developing 504 plans, and facilitating the meeting.

The goal of this voyage is not only fill your passport but your suitcase too—fill it with knowledge and tips to help ensure compliance with Section 504 regulations and to help establish smooth sailing waters ahead.

We hope to “sea” you there!

Choose Your Session:
Tuesday, July 30 Session #102230
Thursday, August 8 Session #102228

Register now!
Assessing and Aggregating RLA Constructed Responses ft. Eduphoria’s Aware Application

Assessing and Aggregating RLA Constructed Responses ft. Eduphoria’s Aware Application

After the successful inauguration of our Constructed Responses session in March, we have diligently refined it based on invaluable participant feedback.

AM Overview: Our RLA Consultant will delve into a comprehensive review of the STAAR rubrics, provide examples of writing prompts, and explain the details on how scoring works. Participants will be allocated dedicated time to review provided examples, classify them into genres, and score them based on the consultant's guidance.

PM Overview: Our Eduphoria! Consultant will showcase optimal utilization of Eduphoria's Aware application, demonstrating how it can be leveraged to craft or access constructed response questions and proficiently assess them. In addition, they will demonstrate how to navigate to Aware's constructed responses report, offering insights and addressing any inquiries you may have.

August 5, Session #102581, Register now!
Learning in Libraries Conference 2024, November 1, Session #102235, Register now!

Learning in Libraries Conference 2024

Join us for the ESC-20 Learning in Libraries Conference!

It is sure to be another great Learning in Libraries Conference! We look forward to a day of learning with friends and colleagues, a little fun, and to welcoming our featured speaker for 2024 Kari Lavelle. November 1, Session #102235, Register now!
EDGAR 101, August 28, Session #102865, Register now!


In this interactive and hands-on experience, attendees will gain a better understanding of Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) and Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG), federal compliance and administration, and will leave with practical real-world examples of implementation of these rules.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced - All program, grant, and fiscal staff attendees will benefit from this training! August 28, Session #102865, Register now!

State and Federal Initiatives

pax Good Behavior Game Texas

PAX Good Behavior Game®

When the evidence-based PAX Good Behavior Game® is implemented in schools, children benefit from improved behavior, academic achievement, and lifetime outcomes. Elementary teachers interested in new classroom management strategies are invited to register here. New dates are added every month.
Statewide ESSA Title I Part A Capacity Building Initiative

Statewide ESSA Title I - Part A Capacity Building Initiative

The Title I, Part A Capacity Building Initiative is funded by the Texas Education Agency and produced by Education Service, Region 20. This website serves as a central location for Title I, Part A resources on compliance and best practice.
Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) Logo

Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP)

The mission of the Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) is to help reduce the effects of educational disruption that Texas’ mobile, migratory students often face as they migrate intra/interstate to seek qualifying temporary or seasonal employment in the agriculture or fishing industry. The TMIP assists migratory students, their families, school counselors, and intra/interstate MEP staff.
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