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Instructional Coach Foundations Institute

The Instructional Coach Foundations Institute is a year-long professional learning program designed to meet the needs of instructional coaches and aspiring instructional coaches. Through face-to-face professional development sessions, virtual guided reflections, and one-on-one coaching, the program introduces instructional coaches to professional core coaching competencies upon which to build effective systems of support. Session #84006, Register Now!

Virtual: Autism 101

This Autism 101 Zoom offering provides an overview of specific instructional and visual strategies that directly affect student academic and behavioral success. With a clearer understanding of the characteristics of autism, teachers will explore new possibilities to support individuals with autism. Participants will explore interventions and materials for implementation with individual students.
August 29, Session #90591
October 13, Session #90595
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Instructional Coach Foundations Institute 2.0

The Instructional Coach Foundations Institute 2.0 is a year-long professional learning program designed to meet the needs of experienced instructional coaches. Through face-to-face professional development sessions, virtual guided reflections, and one-on-one coaching, ICFI 2.0 builds upon professional core coaching competencies to enhance and evaluate current coaching practices. Session #90266, Register Now!

True Colors Training

The next True Colors training is on September 12th, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Session #83296, Register now or reach out to Lindsey Vela to schedule a training in your district.

ESC-20 Product Show

The 2022 ESC-20 Product Show is scheduled to be held on September 21, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in-person at the Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall B in San Antonio, TX.

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Autism: Successful and Practical Inclusive Practices for Students with ASD

This workshop focuses on teaching skills that teachers and schools require to support students with ASD to be successful in general education settings. Participants will discuss challenges faced and learn practical strategies to overcome those challenges in the areas of assessment, measurement, teaching procedures, treatment of challenging behavior, and social skills. September 23, Session #90592, Register Now!

Assistant Principal PLC Series

You are more than a disciplinarian! Join us for a series of professional learning opportunities focused on developing skills and systems with priority given to collaborative leadership, school climate and culture, PLUS change management as applied to the AP TPESS rubric. Assistant Principals who seek to change their educational ecosystem through practical strategies and tools for increasing student achievement will want to engage in this AP PLC. Session #90643, Register Now!

KidSmartz/NetSmartz Internet Safety Webinar

Learn the latest statistics, online resources, and expert tips to educate, engage, and empower children to be safer online and offline. Contains age appropriate tips, thought-provoking discussions, as well as candid, practical advice. This session will be presented by Felicia Avalos from the ChildSafe San Antonio organization. September 28, Session #83462, Register Now!

Autism: Establishing Basic Early Learning Skills for Learners with ASD

This session is intended to address the needs of students with autism who present with limited or absent tact (labeling) and mand (requesting) repertoires. The presenter will review conceptual skills and protocols necessary to establish basic skills sets. A significant focus of the session will be on the process of establishing early instructional control as well as establishing the value of social interaction. October 19, Session #90596, Register Now!

State and Federal Initiatives

PAX Good Behavior GameĀ®

When the evidence-based PAX Good Behavior GameĀ® is implemented in schools, children benefit from improved behavior, academic achievement, and lifetime outcomes. Elementary teachers interested in new classroom management strategies are invited to register here. New dates are added every month.

Statewide ESSA Title I - Part A Capacity Building Initiative

The Title I, Part A Capacity Building Initiative is funded by the Texas Education Agency and produced by Education Service, Region 20. This website serves as a central location for Title I, Part A resources on compliance and best practice.

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