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Responding to Concerning Behavior and/or People in Distress & Navigating Difficult Personalities

Responding to Concerning Behavior and/or People in Distress: How to identify concerning behavior, strategies for responding effectively, how to report the behavior, and the resources that may be involved in an intervention plan. Navigating Difficult Personalities: tips and strategies for interacting with someone whose personality consistently presents challenges or difficulties. January 24, 2022, Session #79361, Register Now!

Trauma Sensitive Schools

Participants will learn what trauma is and who is affected, how we respond to stress, the impact of trauma exposure on our campuses, and what it means to be a trauma-sensitive school. Participants will better understand why the trauma-sensitive approach is necessary for school and staff engagement to increase learning. January 24, 2022, Session #80864, Register Now!

Developing Structured Work Tasks Activities to Support Student IEPs and Promote Independence

This session will go over the characteristics of a well designed "box job". These activities are created based on student's IEPs, TEKS, or any other task that is important to student learning and advancing at their own pace. Activities are created based on student's interests, level of support and academic/social/self-help/vocational need. Come, learn, create, and take home. January 25, 2022, Session #77013, Register Now!

SAVE THE DATE! 2021-2022 Accountability Forum

Join us for the 2021-2022 Accountability Forum. We are excited to have Jonathan Delgado from the Texas Education Agency, join us for this year's forum. In addition to our general session with TEA, we will offer several breakout sessions throughout the day, to keep you informed and prepared for this year's accountability and beyond. January 25, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Session #76172, Register Now!

Virtual - Sheltered Instruction 301

The goal of Sheltered instruction is for students to acquire the English proficiency and content area knowledge needed to transition successfully to mainstream instruction. This session will focus on language learning strategies that will help you achieve that goal. *Sheltered Instruction 301 is part of a 3-series training to include Sheltered Instruction 101 & Sheltered Instruction 201. They do not have to be taken in sequential order. January 25, 2022, Session #77011, Register Now!

New Counselor Series

You made it through your first semester as a school counselor. Let's meet to talk about your role and how your work fits into a Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP). Topics will include the four components of a CSCP, the four student competencies, 80% or your time, small groups, classroom guidance, strategies for effective planning, and crisis response. January 26, 2022, Session #81277, Register Now!

Kagan 2021 USA Tour: English Language Learners

Through interactive Kagan Structures and cooperative and communicative teaching strategies, students are exposed to more functional language and have the opportunity to practice language more. Ideal for regular classroom teachers, ESP teachers, and project directors and coordinators.

Virtual Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis. January 26, 2022, Session #77682, Register Now!

VIRTUAL - Corks, Cups, and Shower rings: No Cost Early Childhood Math!

Math is all around us! Open ended free materials can provide all the math manipulatives you need. Collect items from your own home, bring them with you to the Zoom! Let's be creative together. Participants will have materials ready to take back to their classrooms! January 26, 2022, Session #80687, Register Now!

Virtual - ESL TExES Review

This 1-day staff development course is designed to help educators as they prepare for the TExES #154 English as a Second Language Supplemental. Participants will become familiarized with the educator standards of the ESL Supplemental framework. January 27, 2022, Session #77012, Register Now!

State and Federal Initiatives

PAX Good Behavior GameĀ®

When the evidence-based PAX Good Behavior GameĀ® is implemented in schools, children benefit from improved behavior, academic achievement, and lifetime outcomes. Elementary teachers interested in new classroom management strategies are invited to register here. New dates are added every month.

Statewide ESSA Title I - Part A Capacity Building Initiative

The Title I, Part A Capacity Building Initiative is funded by the Texas Education Agency and produced by Education Service, Region 20. This website serves as a central location for Title I, Part A resources on compliance and best practice.

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