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Reading Academies

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Cohort Launch Month   Deadline for LEAs to Submit Enrollment Numbers  Date Participants Have Access to Materials in Canvas Canvas Course Enrollment Deadline for Participants
June 2022  May 19, 2022  June 13, 2022 July 25, 2022
July 2022 June 16, 2022 July 11, 2022 August 22, 2022
August 2022 July 14, 2022 August 8, 2022 September 19, 2022
September 2022 August 18, 2022 September 12, 2022 October 24, 2022
Both models will cover the same content using the same HB 3 learning management system (Canvas) and will require submission of the same artifacts.  Districts choose one or both models, depending on individual needs.
Blended Model 
Comprehensive Model 
Course type - 100% online 
Course type - 10 days face to face professional development days and 4 individual coaching sessions (one may be virtual) spread out within the 11 months
# of modules for course - 12 modules
# of modules in course - 12 modules 
Projected hours in course completion -
60 hours 
Projected hours for course completion -
60 hours
Projected time to complete the course -
11 months 
Projected time to complete the course -
11 months 
Fee - $400/ individual 
Fee - $3,000/ individual 
Implementation Options
  • For any district choosing to Implement Locally and wanting to enter an MOU with Education Service Center, Region 20, you can access our MOU here.
  • For any district choosing to Utilize and AP please contact in order to update your district planning table. 

1. What costs are associated with Reading Academies? 

Costs are dependent on the implementation structure your district chooses.

For more information, please see our Implementation Structure Overview.


2. What funds can be used to pay for Reading Academies? 

New reading funding sources, such as the Early Education Allotment, the Dyslexia Allotment, and/or the Basic Allotment increase can be utilized. In addition, you may consider Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) funds, the Bilingual Allotment, or Compensatory Education funds. The decision of which funds to utilize, or to use funds outside this list, is at district discretion.


3. How will we know which Regional Educational Service Centers (ESCs), districts or other non-profit organizations are selected to be Authorized Providers? 

The list of Authorized Providers for 2021-2022 is on our website here. It includes all 20 Regional ESCs. Authorized Providers are approved annually.


4. How long will it take for a teacher/administrator to complete Reading Academies?

 It is designed to be completed in no more than 10 full days over an 11-month period. Districts can personalize time frames for teachers, as long as the teachers are able to complete the full training within 11 months of beginning online content.


5. Is TEA planning to release a professional development schedule that districts should follow in order to ensure participant completion of the Reading Academies? 

TEA will not release a required professional development schedule. Districts entering into a MOU/contract with an Authorized Provider should work with the Authorized Provider to determine scheduling. TEA is pleased to provide sample schedules as they come available that can be used to begin planning.


6. Will TEA provide a screening assessment for districts to determine which participants should be enrolled in a comprehensive versus blended model?

 There will be no screening assessment provided before teachers begin Reading Academies content. For more information on Reading Academies assessments, please see the Assessment and Exemption section of this FAQ.


7. Can district administrators attend either the TEA Authorized Provider training or Cohort Leader training in order to gain deeper knowledge around Reading Academies? 

Unfortunately, due to space and time constraints, TEA will only be able to offer training to selected Authorized Providers and Cohort Leaders.


8. Can my assistant principals/instructional coaches/district literacy staff attend Reading Academies?

 Yes. This is ultimately a local decision. While assistant principals and instructional coaches are not required to attend Reading Academies, we encourage anyone who will benefit to participate and to strengthen their understanding of applying scientifically based reading instruction.


Below are the upcoming cohort leader screener dates.
Cohort Leader Screener Date  Screener Notification Time  Cohort Leader Training Date 
March 21-30, 2022 April 13, 2022 May 4-6, 2022
April 18- 27, 2022 May 11, 2022 June 1-3, 2022
May 9-18, 2022 June 1, 2022 June 22-24, 2022
June 13-22, 2022 July 8, 2022 August 3-5, 2022
September 26 - October 5, 2022 October 19, 2022 November 9-11, 2022
If you need assistance retrieving your 10 digit unique ID or have a questions regarding registration, please fill out the form below. 
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