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Commitment and Contract System

The Commitment and Contract System provides ESC-20 clients with an online process for completing and submitting commitments for Products and Services offered by/through ESC-20.
Access to the system is dependent on you having your contact information (name, email address, educational organization, and other appropriate information) loaded in the system and your having an access code [Note: the top level for each organization is generically referenced as a “District”.]
You may access the Commitment and Contract System by using one of three methods (listed under the “Login Choices” and identified by radio buttons):

  1. By County/District (is the default – lists Districts, or equivalent, within the County selected and then campuses within the District selected)
  2. By Region/District (lists all Districts, or equivalent, for the Education Service Center - Region - selected)
  3. By District Name (lists all Districts, or equivalent, in the system – sort is alphabetical)
  1. Forgot your access code? – Once you have displayed your name in the User box, click on “Forgot Your Access Id” – your access code will be sent to the email address in your Commitments Contacts file (for this to work, we must have your correct email address).
  2. If your name is not listed as a “User” for your organization, you can request that you be added – Click on “Not Listed as a User” and complete the appropriate information on the following screen. An email will be sent to the ESC-20 contact you selected in the “Contact Information Box” when you “Submit” the request.