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Business Financial Services Cooperative

The ESC-20 Business Financial Services Cooperative is now available to provide services to assist school districts and charter schools in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Payroll and Human Resources Services. These services are designed to maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs, and minimize the need for additional personnel to meet deadlines and accomplish all of a school’s goals.

We provide these business services utilizing the ASCENDER software system. These services may be contracted for as a “comprehensive package” of all services or on a “line item” basis of individual services to be purchased independently. As the provider of these business services, ESC-20 assumes the responsibility for performing all accounting functions in full compliance with the TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide.

Advantages of the ESC-20 Business Financial Services Cooperative

  • Professional Service
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Complete Reporting
  • Record Retention

Payroll Resources

  • Maintain employee information
  • Post payroll
  • Post employee leave transactions
  • Run payroll calculations
  • Print payroll checks
  • Print standard payroll reports
  • Balance funds prior to month closing
  • Interface payroll and finance
  • Complete monthly “TRS” reports
  • Transfer “TRS” payments
  • Complete quarterly tax reports
  • Prepare and print W-2’s at year-end
  • Establish and update payroll files
  • Run August accruals
  • Perform and maintain all file backups

Business Services

  • Post cash receipts
  • Encumber purchase orders
  • Post and print finance checks
  • Post journal entries
  • Balance general ledger
  • Balance funds prior to month closing
  • Close files on a monthly basis
  • Print end-of-month reports
  • Process bank reconciliations
  • Prepare 1099's at year-end
  • Close out fiscal year
  • Perform and maintain all file backups