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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. It refers to a cluster of symptoms, which result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading. Students with dyslexia usually experience difficulties with other language skills such as spelling, writing, and pronouncing words.

Dyslexia affects individuals throughout their lives; however, its impact can change at different stages in a person’s life. It is referred to as a learning disability because dyslexia can make it very difficult for a student to succeed academically in the typical instructional environment. 

Use this link to visit the International Dyslexia Association official website.


Region 20 Education Service Center Dyslexia Supports

The Region 20 Education Service Center is dedicated to supporting LEAs in providing equal opportunities for all students. We achieve this by empowering educators and administrators with the knowledge and resources they need to comply with state and federal guidelines regarding dyslexia, as well as equipping them with effective strategies to support students.

Why it Matters:

  • Equal Opportunity: Federal and state laws mandate equal access to education for all students, including those with dyslexia.
  • Dyslexia Support: Dyslexia is the most common reading disability, affecting 10-20% of the population. By providing targeted professional development, we equip educators to identify and support students with dyslexia, ensuring they reach their full potential.
  • Customized Training: We offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs, from on-site professional development sessions to customized training and supports.

Our Services:

  • Professional Development: We offer workshops and training programs to help educators understand and implement effective strategies for supporting students with dyslexia, aligning with current state and federal guidelines.
  • Instruction in Interventions Designed for Dyslexic Students: Our team can provide training on various evidence-based interventions proven to be effective for students with dyslexia. Participants will learn about multisensory approaches, structured literacy programs, and other strategies to create a supportive learning environment for all students.
  • Technical Assistance: We provide on-site and phone consultations to address your questions and concerns regarding dyslexia identification, support strategies, and navigating state and federal guidelines.
  • Contracted Services: We can develop customized training programs to address the specific needs of your school or district, ensuring alignment with state and federal dyslexia mandates.

Contact Us Today:

Region 20 Education Service Center is here to partner with you in creating an inclusive learning environment for all students. Contact Kim Lowe, Megan Lozano, or Goldie Tappan to discuss your needs and explore how we can help.