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Reading by Design

Reading by Design is a systematic, multisensory approach aligned with research-based practices for developing literacy.  This program was developed by ESC Region 4 and replaces the Dyslexia Intervention Program (DIP).

Program Overview

Does Reading by Design align with the Dyslexia Handbook, 2018 Update?

This document explains each of the components of instruction and methods of delivery outlined the Dyslexia Handbook, 2018 Update.  It details each part of the Reading by Design daily lesson cycle which align with this criteria. 


  • The intended audience includes individuals who will be providing dyslexia intervention in a school setting.  (This curriculum is designed to be implemented in small groups 45 minutes daily, 5 times a week.)  
  • Participants must be available for all seven days of training. 
  • Training requirements include outside homework assignments and demonstrated mastery of content.
  • Registration fees include the Reading by Design curriculum and materials to work with one small group of students.