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The Head Start Program Performance Standards are federal requirements that grantees must implement in order to operate a Head Start Program. Each area of service has the required Performance Standards. Program procedures detail how the Performance Standard is implemented, which drives the ongoing activities of the management team.
The Tri - County Head Start Program has a fiscal funding year of September 1 through August 31 for 387 children and families in Bandera ISD, Devine ISD, Hondo ISD, Lytle ISD, Medina Valley ISD and Natalia ISD. The Bexar County Head Start Program has a fiscal funding year of February 1 through January 31 for 480 children and families in Alamo Heights ISD, Somerset ISD, Southside ISD, and Southwest ISD.



The management team works collaboratively using a case management system to provide or support services for children, families, and staff. A child file is developed throughout the school year and contains critical information about the child and family. The record-keeping system is kept confidential and up-dated daily by Family Services Associates, teachers and management team staff.



The partnership districts recruit, interview, and hire classroom teachers and assistants for the Head Start Program. The Head Start teachers are all degreed and certified as per state requirements. Campus administrators evaluate and supervise all classroom staff.
The Head Start Program recruits, interviews, and hires the Family Services Associates, class monitors, and management team staff. An appropriate supervisor evaluates each position. The ESC-20 Head Start management team is comprised of a Component Director, Program Coordinator, Community & Family Coordinator, School Readiness & Education Specialists, Health & Nutrition Facilitators, and Safety or Safety & Transportation Facilitators.


Facts & Highlights

  1. Program parents, community members, and Policy Council and governing board members participate with the annual self-assessment activity to monitor the implementation of the Performance Standards.
  2. The Head Start financial records are audited at each partnership ISD, as well as Education Service Center, Region 20 by independent auditors.
  3. Each program has a Health Advisory Committee that encourages community involvement and collaboration with resource agencies.
  4. The Community Assessment is revised every five years to include pertinent information which guides the program towards changes that will better meet the needs of the communities being served.
  5. The annual self-assessment activity is the means by which the program self-evaluates each year. Program procedures are revised to include necessary changes for program improvement as found in the self-assessment and ongoing monitoring.
  6. Federal reviews of Head Start Programs occur routinely to ensure compliance of the Performance Standards and quality services. The Protocol instrument includes staff and parent interviews, classroom observations, and a review of required documentation.
  7. Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center is the national Head Start website: . This website has a multitude of resources, which includes a national program locator feature to assist families in finding their closest Head Start program.