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Professional Learning Requirements

30 G/T hours of Training includes (19 TAC §89.2(1)):

  • 18 G/T hours of initial foundation training:
    • Nature and Needs of Gifted Students – Day 1 (6 G/T hours)
    • Identification and Assessment of Gifted Students – Day 2 (6 G/T hours)
    • Curriculum and Instruction of Gifted Students – Day 3 (6 G/T Hours)
  • 12 G/T hours of additional training:
    • Highly suggested:
      • Depth and Complexity – Day 4 (6 G/T hours)
      • Creativity – (6 G/T Hours)
    • Options:
      • Any other Gifted and Talented professional development offered on Connect20
      • District G/T professional development – please contact your G/T District Coordinator


6 hour G/T annual update (19 TAC §89.2(1)):

Professionals who have the 30 G/T hours of training and are service providers for the gifted must have 6 G/T hours of annual professional development in the area of gifted education. Professionals may choose from a variety of offerings from Connect20 at ESC-20 or contact their district G/T coordinator for options at the district level. (A school year is from May-May.)

Administrator and Counselor Training (19 TAC §89.2(4))

  • 6 G/T hours Training in Administrator and Counselor Training in Gifted Education
    • Provided at least 3 times a year at ESC-20