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STAAR Special Education

The Texas Assessment Program is the statewide testing program. This program includes the STAAR© and STAAR Alternate 2 assessments.  Although most students will take STAAR with or without allowable accommodations, a student with a disability will be guided to the assessment which provides the most appropriate degree of support through the eligibility criteria established, whether the STAAR Alternate 2, STAAR online, or the paper version of STAAR. To assist with understanding Assessments for Students with Disabilities, ESC Region 20 has consolidated state and regional resources into one area. 
The STAAR redesign is a result of House Bill (HB) 3906 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019. The Texas Education Agency (TEA), working with a wide range of education stakeholders, including the Assessment Education Advisory Committee, has been exploring the most instructionally supportive approach to implementing these changes. The redesign will be implemented in the state summative assessments administered in the 2022-2023 school year. 
The STAAR redesign includes several components:
HB 1225
School districts may administer assessment instruments in paper format to any student whose parent, guardian, or teacher requests it. Requests must be submitted to the school district each year. 
Fall Deadline: No later than September 15th, 2023
Spring Deadline: No later than December 1st, 2023
The number of students enrolled at a school district who are administered an assessment instrument in paper format is limited to 3% of the number of total students enrolled in the Local Education Agency (LEA). 
The 3% cap excludes students receiving services through special education whose Annual, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee determines the paper format meets individual student needs. The 3% cap includes requests for students receiving 504 services.
HB 3906 also requires TEA to continue the development and administration of STAAR Interim Assessments—a free, optional online tool for districts and open-enrollment charter schools to monitor progress and predict student performance on the STAAR test. Interim assessments are available for all STAAR-tested grades and subjects. Educators and test administrators are encouraged to watch the STAAR Interim Assessments Overview video.
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Find resources for the Texas Assessment Program and accessing students' scores.
Students and Families
Learn more about state assessments and find resources for your child.
Parents can log in to the Family Portal to get their child's STAAR results along with customized resources. This information is specific to the student and requires a 6-character unique access code and the student's date of birth.
Where's my access code?
If you don't have a Unique Access Code or a copy of your child's STAAR Report Card, please contact your local school.
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The Texas Education Agency publishes STAAR report cards for all students,  formerly known as Confidential Student Reports (CSR). To improve communication and transparency TEA has conducted an overhaul of the STAAR report card. The goal of the redesign is to create a family-friendly report on student progress, specifically highlighting growth and improvement as much as proficiency, while giving parents concrete tools to help with student learning.
To learn more about the STAAR Report Card, visit