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Virtual Instruction Resource Center

Virtual Instruction Resource Center
ESC-20 is prepared to support your LEA with focused instructional support and services around virtual instruction through customized professional development to meet your LEA needs.
As you consider the different virtual learning models you may consider using, please click on the three categories below to discover the different support services ESC-20 could provide to best meet your needs.


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Remote Learning

Remote Synchronous
Remote Asynchronous

The learners engage with content from their homes. The instructor strives to re-create a classroom environment through scheduled class meetings or structured activities and assignments to build to the course objectives.

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Online Learning

Texas Virtual Schools Network(TxVSN)

Instruction occurs entirely online. Learners have the flexibility to complete learning objectives by an established deadline. There is little to no face-to-face interaction between the learner and instructor.

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Blended Learning


Instruction occurs through an integrated learning experience that combines face-to-face learning in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home and online learning. Learners have some element of control over time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning path.