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Results Driven Accountability

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Education Service Center, Region 20, assists LEAs with Results Driven Accountability (Performance Based Monitoring).  This includes training and technical assistance for any LEA in the region.

2019-2020 RDA

  • Confidential/Unmasked Reports:  Fall 2019 RDA (PBMAS) Reports were posted to TEASE Accountability in late summer.  
  • Public Reports for RDA should be posted by December 13, 2019. TEA Results Driven Accountability Reports and Data site can be accessed here.
    Staging: Results Driven Accountability will not refer to staging but simply "Performance Levels". Each of the 4 Federal Program Areas reported in RDA will receive a Program Performance Level based on the performance level of the indicators in that program area. TEA 2019-2020 Performance Framework can be accessed here.
  • Interventions: Will be monitored by the TEA Review and Support Division. Guidelines for determining which LEAs are required to complete and/ or submit Strategic Support plans based on program area performance levels can be accessed here.  The new term for this plan will be the Strategic Support Plan and will be due February 7, 2019. The schedule of 2019-2020 Interventions and Submissions for Results Driven Accountability can be accessed hereTEA RDA Guidance Document can be accessed here.
Click below for the presentation slides from the session presented on December 19, 2019.
Click below for BONUS slides regarding the use of Effective Schools Framework to work through the needs assessment.

2020-2021 RDA

Proposed 2020 Manual for Rule Adoption      Proposed 2020 RDA Manual
Proposed Amendment to 19 TAC Chapter 97, Planning and Accountability, Subchapter AA, Accountability and Performance Monitoring, §97.1005, Results Driven Accountability
Summary: The proposed amendment would adopt in rule applicable excerpts of the 2020 Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Manual.
Figure: Excerpts of the 2019 RDA Manual proposed for repeal
Figure: Excerpts of the 2020 RDA Manual
Publication in the Texas Register: May 22, 2020
Public Comment Period: May 22, 2020-June 22, 2020
Public Hearing Notice: Public hearings on the proposal are scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on June 9 and 10, 2020. The public may participate in either or both the June 9 and June 10 hearings virtually by registering in advance for the meeting(s) at Registrants will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting(s). Both hearings will be recorded and made available publicly. Parties interested in testifying must pre-register online prior to 1:00 pm on the date of the applicable hearing and are encouraged to also send written testimony to The hearing(s) will conclude once all who have registered have been given the opportunity to comment. Questions about the hearing should be directed to the Office of Special Populations at (512) 463-9414.
Proposed Effective Date: August 30, 2020

General RDA Questions

Program Area Contacts:

Bilingual/English Language Learners

Career and Technical Education

Every Student Succeeds Act

Special Education

Link to TAA Regarding RDA Intervention Requirements  *Updated 12/5/19

Link to TEA RDA Website-includes a link to the:

  • 2019 RDA Manual
  • RDA Performance Framework
  • RDA Data and Reports

*Updated 12/6/19

PDF for the SPP-Strategic Support Plan Template 2019 below *Updated 12/3/19