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Bexar County School Board Coalition

The Board of Trustees in Bexar County have completed a two-year project to document the true facts and figures of the independent school districts in Bexar County. “Public Education in Bexar County” History and Data Source book was written and published by the Bexar County School Boards Coalition Board of Trustees with assistance from ISD administrators, teachers, students and staff as well as universities and education organizations.

The book provides historical information about public education in the county starting in the 1700s. It provides the history and general information about all the Independent School Districts partially or wholly in the county, including the education data about all of the ISDs as well as economic, demographic, and education data, contrasting the data between the six largest Texas Counties.


  • Chapter 1 - discusses history of public education in Bexar County from the 1700s to the 1900s
  • Chapter 2 - provides the story of and data about the 20 ISDs partially or wholly in Bexar County
  • Chapter 3 - provides data facts, figures and illustrations for the Bexar County ISDs
  • Chapter 4 - compares and contrasts facts and figures for the six largest Texas counties.
The book can be purchased for $25 by contacting Bobby Blount, or  phone (210) 334-1320.


Mission & Goals

The mission of the Bexar County School Board Coalition is to promote excellence in education for all students in Bexar County by improving the governance and collaboration among the 20 independent school districts (ISDs) wholly or partially in Bexar County, Texas.

The three major goals of the Bexar County School Board Presidents' Coalition are:

  1. Improve Governance
  2. Identify Common Legislative Priorities
  3. Collaborate on Areas of Commonality