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Bilingual/ESL Cooperative

The Bilingual/ESL Cooperative agreement is between ESC-20 and school districts that provide program assistance for bilingual/ESL program development and implementation. Fees are based on the refined district English learner population.  Technical assistance and professional development are included based on levels of participation.  Services provided through the co-op include, but are not limited to:

  • Director meetings and networking
  • Technical assistance on campus planning for improved student performance
  • Region-wide professional development opportunities, at no cost or a discounted rate in the following areas:
    • Integration of instructional strategies for bilingual/ESL students
    • Research-based strategies for English learners across various program models
    • Cross-content and cross-program areas training and collaboration

Commitments for the 2021-2022 academic and service year are currently open.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve your district in support of the instruction and achievement of all English learners. 

Districts and Charters may join this cooperative through the Commitment System.