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Culinary Support Services

Culinary Support Services features a selection of face-to-face and online instruction for Child Nutrition staff to elevate their programs by aligning with the following goals:

  • Improve student health and academic success through providing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals at schools.
  • Increase student participation in Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Increase community perception of meals served in schools.
  • Increase production of scratch and speed-scratch meals served at local child nutrition programs.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for Child Nutrition staff in culinary techniques.

We support our schools Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) in many ways.

  • Staff Culinary Training: We provide detailed culinary training to school kitchen staff to provide them with the necessary techniques, culinary knowledge and kitchen efficiency skills to elevate your CNP.
  • Menu Enhancement: Our chefs work closely with the CNP to enhance your menus that promote regional preferences, taste, nutrition and seasonal variety, while introducing students to new and exciting flavors.
  • Marketing your program: We help implement marketing strategies that promote your program to students, staff and parents effectively to increase student participation and parent satisfaction. 
We offer the following services individually or as a Cooperative package:
  • Menu guidance
  • Recipe enhancement
  • Knife skills training
  • Vegetable cookery training
  • Streamlining kitchen operations
  • Food quality assurance
  • Special Projects
  • Customer service trainings
  • Transitioning from a Food Service Management Company (FSMC) to Self-Operating
  • Dining room efficiencies


Service Requests
If you are in need of our services, please fill out our Service Request form by using the QR Code or by clicking on the button below. This will allow us to have a good understanding of what is needed and to schedule a consultation.