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Discovery Education Experience

The products below are available through ESC-20:

Discovery Education Experience Core gives educators and students access to a wide variety of content including:

  • more than 6,000 TEKS-aligned full-length videos in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Music, and Physical Education/Health
  • more than 50,000 video clips
  • over 1,000 editable clips
  • over 1,600 titles in Spanish and other languages
  • Encyclopedia Articles
  • Images
  • Songs
  • Sound Effects
  • Speeches
  • Student Board Builder
  • Games
  • Quizzes


Discovery Experience PLUS provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 155,000 standards-aligned digital resources that address multiple learning styles and inspire students to explore their world. Available in more than half of all U.S. schools, Discovery Education Experience PLUS enhances curriculum and engages today’s students in learning through instructional videos, skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles. In their new DE Home, DE PLUS teachers will find the Instructional Inspiration channel with over 1,000 Studio resources available for students.

Discovery Streaming PLUS flyer


Discovery Science K-8 is a compelling, interactive digital science service that drives deep interest in core science concepts.

Discovery Science K-8 includes virtual labs, explorations, literacy-building reading passages, and a real-time assessment component that monitors student progress.  All resources are organized around an inquiry-based framework that addresses physical, earth, space, and life sciences designed to encourage exploration, stimulate critical thinking, and deepen students’ understanding of science.

Discovery Education Science allows students to explore and investigate science in real-life situations through a variety of media, including:

 Virtual Labs
 Reading Passages
 "Extend" Content
 Interactive Glossary
 Science Simulations
Science Sleuths

Encourage students to think like scientists with content aligned to standards:

  • Take students beyond theory through engaging, practical demonstrations and investigations with virtual labs and explorations.
  • Demonstrate how models work and how different inputs impact an outcome through integrated science simulations.

Drive deeper interest and engagement in science curriculum with videos and interactive assets:

  • Videos segmented into concept-level clips bring key scientific concepts to life with compelling titles and hosts including Mythbusters, Planet Earth, and Jeff Corwin.
  • Interactive assets bring concepts to life including Science Sleuths, Fun-damentals, and the Interactive Periodic Table.

Reinforce language arts, comprehensive literacy, and mathematics skills with science content:

  • Extend students’ learning through an interactive glossary that provides explanations of hundreds of scientific terms via animations, text, videos, and images.
  • Support struggling readers and ELL students via eBooks with audio support and grade-appropriate informational science text.
  • Students will learn to interpret data, draw fact-based conclusions, and practice important math skills through virtual labs.



ProgressZone (included with DES Core)  -  A first of its kind, ProgressZone combines diagnostic assessment with Discovery Education’s videos to provide an item bank of over 60,000 items where educators can create, assign, and share remediation probes. Discovery Education Streaming videos are recommended after each assessment result, ensuring students have access to quality remediation tools that are relevant and engaging.  

  • Power academic progress by helping educators quickly assess and target individual student differences.
  • Create, share, and assign items and probes for continuous progress monitoring and daily skill diagnosis.
  • Remediate with Discovery Education's digital content.
  • Monitor student progress throughout the year.
  • Analyze student performance using reports that show percent correct, item difficulty, and content mastery.

Creating new teacher accounts using passcodes is easy!

Teachers may create their own Discovery Education account using their school's teacher passcode. Each teacher passcode is a random eight-character alphanumeric code (example: A123-B123). Passcodes are unique and specific to each individual school/building within your school district.

Once you obtain your school's passcode, go to and click on the Passcode/New User tab. Enter your school's eight-digit passcode in the provided boxes, and click on Login. If you do not know your school passcode, please contact your school or district Discovery Education administrator or the ESC-20 staff appearing on this page.

You will be required to enter your information in order to create a user account.

Please note that your username must be at least 6 characters long and unique not only to your school but unique to the whole DE community. Please do not use personal information (such as Social Security Numbers) when creating your username.

Update your campus/district assignment and keep your account information intact!

When you transfer to a new school or district, obtain the teacher passcode for your new school. Each teacher passcode is a random eight-character alphanumeric code (example: A123-B123). Passcodes are unique and specific to each individual school/building within your school district.

Once you obtain your school's passcode, go to and click on the Passcode/New User tab. Enter your school's eight-character passcode in the provided boxes, and click on Login. On the next screen, select the "Existing Login" option and login with your old account information. Your old account and content materials will be transferred to your new campus/district.

Once you have logged in, click on your profile and update your email address and other contact information. You can also change your username at that time if desired. Please note that your username must be at least 6 characters long and unique not only to your school but to the whole DE community. Due to the unique nature of an email address, it often makes a good username.

Managing Classes

Click on the links below to manage class accounts.

Note: You must first log into your Discovery account.

View the step-by-step guides.

Managing Student Accounts

Provide this handout to your students.

Click on the links below to manage student accounts.

Note: You must first log into your Discovery account.

View the step-by-step guides.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that Discovery Education schools create logins for their students. This will not only allow teachers to create classes and assign content; it will allow students to work and submit paperless projects, and it will also increase your school usage significantly.

Online Training Resources

Whether your teachers are new to the service or seasoned users, Discovery Education's Professional Learning Center provides great tips, tricks, and practical integration strategies for using this digital resource. Resources include:

  • Learn & Lead - Step-by-step Guides, Interactive courses, and Professional Learning Toolkits
  • Strategies and Resources - Additional Spotlight on Strategies Resources, Virtual Field Trip Archives, STEM information, and resource libraries
  • Events and Experiences - Event calendars and free DE webinars
  • Connect with DE - Easy access to the DEN Online Community and the DE Blog

Educators who complete the interactive courses available via the DEN Community receive certificates of completion that may be applied toward Continuing Education Credit at the discretion of their district.


You have access to all archived webinars, including special events and walkthroughs of the Discovery Education Experience by logging in and selecting Professional Learning from the Grow. Under the Events and Experiences menu select Webinar Resources.

Note: Discovery Techbook subscriptions are not offered through ESC-20. 

Other Training Opportunities

The tabs on this page provide downloadable PPT and training materials for teachers to review or to use training others at your district.

DE provides access to previously presented webinars and virtual field trips.

Click on the Calendar tab to view and register for upcoming webinars.


Contact us for your training needs.

Cyndi Zaragoza
Coordinator, Instructional Services

Susan Reeves
Consultant, Digital Age Learning

Miriam Martinez
Consultant, Digital Age Learning

What is a Studio Project?

The Studio is a Discovery tool that allows students and teachers to create a digital poster that may contain embedded videos (from Discovery Education or uploaded from other devices), audio files, text, images, and even attached documents.

Although a student may create multiple Studio projects, their projects will not be viewable to other users until their teacher has approved the project. Any edits made after the initial project approval will require resubmission to a teacher.

Check with your campus librarian or district technology staff to determine if student accounts are created automatically for students in your district, or if you as a teacher are allowed to create student accounts.

Students can only create Studio projects when they have an individual Discovery login. Once student accounts are created at the campus or district level, teachers will log into Discovery Education and go to their Classrooms channel to create classes and add students.

Multimedia Content Guidelines

Here are the file types acceptable for use in a Studio project:

  • Videos: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, asf, asx, avi, f4v, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mts, qt, rm, wmv
  • Images: gif, jpg, jpeg, png
  • Audio: aac, ac3, amr, eac3, m4a, mp3, ogg, wav, wma

Files sizes are 100 MB maximum (usually video files under 5 minutes). Remember to select the segment of an overall video that is most applicable to the project.

To locate a citation for a Discovery Education video, open the full video, then look for the Details tab. Pre-formatted citations are located under Details.

Studio Projects can be created by teachers and by students.

Teachers may create Studio Projects to contain lesson/center activities or to organize entire units. Go to Advanced Search, filter by topic and type of resource to see what other teachers have created. From your top menu, go to the Studio channel access.

Students will have a link to create Studio projects from the top of their homepage.

50 Ways to use Board Builder

Student Uses for Board Builder

Teacher Uses for Board Builder

  • Discovery Education FAQs about student board builder tool
    Frequently asked questions regarding the Board Builder tool. Reposted with permission from Discovery Education.
  • 2Up Handout for Students Login Information
    Use this document to create a mail/merge, or simply write in the student login account information for your classes. Be sure to create your own classes within DE and add students to your classes before beginning a Board Builder project.
  • If you have Google Docs, you may access this sample rubric and go to File/Make a copy to keep it with your files, or you may go to File/Download As and choose a format. 

Why Teachers Like Discovery

  1. Appropriate and relevant content that has been curated and is aligned with state standards, plus practical instructional strategies. 

  2. Student-centered learning where students can be curious and explore; where they can illustrate difficult or abstract concepts; where they can build experiences; where they can design, build, and demonstrate their new knowledge.

  3. Differentiated instruction is possible when teachers assign different resources to students as a whole class or in small groups. In addition, the built-in  Assessment Builder tool can be used for formative assessments. 

  4. Quality professional resources such as instructional strategies, self-paced modules, and step-by-step guides are available to teachers.

  5. Unique Discovery Education experiences such as virtual field trips and viewing parties take learning beyond the classroom walls. Examples include different locations,meeting experts, and world news. 

  6. The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a professional community that all teachers in Discovery Education subscribing schools may participate in for idea sharing and inspiration.

Ensure student and teacher access!

Discovery Education offers a variety of Single Sign On (SSO) integrations to quickly and securely access content. By implementing SSO, users will easily authenticate using their existing district credentials. This provides teachers and students easy access to their content, so they can keep learning in school, from home, and on their devices.

Ease your user management and overcome access challenges by choosing one of the SSO integration options below. Each link provides a user guide and technical requirements so you can see if it meets your district needs.

Google SSO

Office 365 SSO


LDAP Active Directory SSO

ClassLink SSO

Clever Instant Login (SSO Only)

Ready to get started? Complete the Single Sign-On Integration Services Agreementand we can help you with next steps!


Usage Reports

Discovery schools administrators may run six different reports from the My Admin screen > My Reports Home. Reports may be downloaded in several formats. 

Discovery Education Streaming is offered through the Educational Resources Cooperative as an independent resource (does not require coop membership). 

2018-19 Pricing for Discovery Education Streaming Core:

District Size Cost 
Access to Discovery Education Streaming K-8 $1,150 per campus
Access to Discovery Education High School $1,475 per campus
Access to Discovery Education (20,000 to 50,000 students) $1.17 per student*
Access to Discovery Education (50,000 or more students)

$1.03 per student*      

*The cost of Discovery subscriptions will be based on student enrollment reported by the district to the Texas Education Agency . 


Discovery Add-On Options:

Product Cost

Discovery PLUS package upgrade (PMP, AIMS, and PBS)

Discovery Plus flyer

$1000 per campus

Discovery Education Science K-8

Discovery Science K-8 flyer

$1,900 per campus

Districts may sign up through the ESC-20 Commitment System.