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Federal Programs Grant Support offers comprehensive guidance and assistance to individuals overseeing state and federal programs. The focus is to assist LEAs in adhering to program guidelines and meeting all compliance requirements. Program participants gain access to direct services, compliance reviews, and training opportunities. ESC-20 prioritizes personalized and practical support in managing various fund sources. This program is designed to help LEAs effectively develop, monitor, and evaluate implemented programs while adhering to fiscal regulations.


Highlights of the program include:


  • 6 half days of technical support or training
  • Unlimited virtual technical support
  • Networking opportunities specific to cooperative members
  • The provision of additional physical resources such as TEA/ESC created reference materials and legal guidance handbooks


Cost Savings:


Districts looking to other support providers would pay in excess of $10,000.  Our cooperative would save roughly $2,500 in comparison to similar services.


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