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College Preparatory Courses (HB 5)

Mission: The College Preparatory Partnership serves to support LEAs by developing systems and providing collaborative learning opportunities that meet the requirements of House Bill 5.
Vision: The College Preparatory Partnership will prepare students to enroll in entry-level collegiate courses and succeed in post-secondary environments.

College Preparatory Course PEIMS 

College Preparatory Course - English Language Arts CP110100
College Preparatory Course - Mathematics CP111200

*PEIMS numbers are the same for Texas College Bridge

College Preparatory Course

House Bill 5 created an opportunity for Alamo Colleges, UTSA, TAMUSA, and several independent school districts within ESC-20, to build a partnership. Together, we have designed the College Preparatory courses for English and Math, which are offered to 12th grade students. In the partnership, professors and K-12 educators collaborated to determine standards, assessments, resources, and professional development to offer the College Preparatory courses in the fall of 2014. If you are interested in building a partnership with Alamo Colleges, UTSA, and TAMUSA, please use the following process:
  1. Download Memorandum of Understanding, add your district logo, then sign and return it to Kristi Booth [email protected]. Ms. Booth will route the MOU through the Alamo Colleges, to TAMUSA, then to UTSA, and back to Alamo Colleges, who will return a fully executed document to you.
     2. Download the syllabus for College Preparatory English and College Preparatory Math, to guide instruction. (Be sure to attend professional development offered through Connect20.)
    3. Participate in partnership discussions, taking place quarterly each school year. Please choose district representation for the following partnership teams:
    1. Operational Team - Leadership (District Level / IHE Leader) Decision Maker to negotiate MOU and partnership agreements
    2. English Vertical Alignment Team - District or Campus English content specialist to maintain focus on professional development, calibration, and curriculum / instruction collaboration with secondary and postsecondary faculty
    3. Math Vertical Alignment Team - District or Campus Math content specialist to maintain focus on professional development, calibration, and curriculum / instruction collaboration with secondary and postsecondary faculty

To ensure we communicate effectively with all College Prep partners, please use this survey to update your district or IHE College Prep contacts. 

   4. Send teachers and teacher leads to the College Prep Professional Development sessions. These all-day sessions will prepare teachers through discussion, planning, and resource review. To send unlimited participants to the Math and ELAR professional development sessions, join the College Preparatory Course Partnership Cooperative. Student enrollment is based on total district enrollment and not enrollment in the course. To join, please choose the “College Preparatory Course Partnership” in the Commitment System.

College Preparatory Course Partnership Cooperative Pricing
Student Enrollment Price Per District
0-1,000 $250
1,001-10,000 $500
10,001-20,000 $750
20,001-45,000 $1,000
45,001+ $1,250
Texas College Bridge
Texas College Bridge is an optional, online alternative course option for College Prep Math and English. The course uses a competency-based progression that is aligned with college readiness exams such as ACT, SAT, & TSIA. TCB is currently available to both 11th and 12th grade students at no cost to districts.
The 2020-2025 ESC-20 MOU allows students who successfully complete the TCB course, TSI exemption at the 65+ institutions within the state-wide Texas College Bridge partnership
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