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Hamsters, Owl Pellets
Red-eared slider turtles, Elodea Densa
Snakes, Duckweed
Tarantula, Hornwort
Leopard Frog, Anole or Gecko?
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Crickets
Gerbils, Seeds
Guppies, Mealworms
Green Tree Frogs, Sheep Eyes
Ball Pythons, Begonias
Critter Highlight (page 1), Science Alive! (page 2)
Chinese Algae Eater, Planaria
Mexican Milk Snake, Deionized Water
Crayfish, Amoeba Proteu
Tetras, Egg to Chicken Life Cycle Kit
Boa Constrictors, Egg Incubators with Automatic Egg Turner
Dwarf Aquarium Frogs, Frog Life Cycle Kit
Corn Snake, Bat Facts Kit
Black Mollies, Structure and Functions Kit
Green Anole, Aquatic Science Specimens
Platys, Venomous and Non-venomous Spiders Kit
Critter Highlight, Product Spotlight
Crayfish, Isopods
Rat snake, Snakes of Texas Kit
Mice, Butterfly Life Cycle Kit
Milk Snake, Body Bag Kit
Goldfish, Rocks and Minerals Kit
Critter Highlight, Product Spotlight