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Bexar PREP

Bexar PREP
A collaborative approach to supporting and sustaining highly effective instructional leaders.

Priority Concepts

  • Read / Connect / Build Relationships
  • Instructional Leadership / Instructional Focus
  • Capacity Building / Shared Leadership
  • Systems -- Implementing / Aligning
  • Vision -- Creativity / Innovation

What is Bexar PREP?

Bexar PREP (Promoting Resiliency. Empowering Purpose.) is a collaborative approach to supporting and sustaining highly effective instructional leaders.  This year's cohort consists of 27 campus leaders from Region 20 school districts including Alamo Heights ISD, Crystal City ISD, Northside ISD, North East ISD, Pleasanton ISD, Seguin ISD, and Southwest ISD.
Participants learn from effective practices and practitioners in Region 20 communities.  Our goal is to move theory to practice by providing opportunities for high levels of application.

ESC-20 will:

  • Facilitate and coordinate all Bexar PREP activities and events with district partners, local colleges and universities, and ESC-20 staff
  • Provide experienced leaders to serve as speakers and facilitators
  • Provide campus-based experiences for Bexar PREP participants
  • Work in collaboration with District Bexar PREP Liaisons to design and create individualized experiences unique to each participating district
  • Provide all resources, journal articles, books, supplies, and meeting space

The District will:

  • Commit to supporting the Bexar PREP candidate through attendance at 6 days of professional development away from the district
  • Commit to identifying up to two senior level leaders (curriculum and leadership expertise preferred) to serve on the Bexar PREP Advisory Committee to support district participants through input related to all six Bexar PREP sessions
  • Identify a Bexar PREP Liaison to serve as the point of contact