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To join a cooperative, visit the ESC-20 Commitment System.
The 2013 Purchasing Cooperative assists member districts in reducing costs and improving the quality of technology-related purchases.
ESC-20 Benefits Cooperative with Financial Benefit Services (FBS), Third Party Administrator (TPA), provides a cooperative proposal service arrangement for regional school districts, charter schools, and political subdivisions.
The Bilingual/ESL Cooperative is a cooperative agreement between ESC-20 and districts that provides program assistance for bilingual/ESL program development.
The ESC-20 Business Financial Services Cooperative is now available to provide services to assist school districts and charter schools in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Payroll and Human Resources Services.
This cooperative provides multiple school finance critical issues sessions for two participants, onsite technical assistance and phone support for all areas of school finance including FIRST and estimating state aide. Membership also includes attendance at mandatory investment officer training.
This cooperative is designed to provide a menu of professional development options for the practicing educational leader interested in establishing sound school operations to maximize student achievement.
Career and Technical Education (CTE) services are designed to assist districts in promoting the development and implementation of rigorous and challenging CTE programs.
The ESC-20 College and Career Readiness Network collaborates to support and build awareness of national, state, and local efforts to increase the number of college, career, and world-ready students.
The Educational Resources Cooperative includes access for participating ESC-20 districts to a variety of online resources and services that support digital literacies and school libraries in all content areas. Membership also includes access to the Living Science Materials Center to support science instruction.
The Gifted and Talented program promotes and supports the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students through professional development and technical assistance.
The School Counselors' Guidance & Counseling Staff Development Cooperative provides counselors with opportunities for professional growth and/or LPC credit through training.
Library leaders have the potential to positively impact every student, teacher, and administrator on their campus. The On the Leading Edge Series is designed for all K-12 librarians committed to supporting schools through advancing their leadership capacity.
The purpose of the LOGIC webpage is to provide resources to assist LEAs with certain internal control processes.
The netVision20 consortium collaborates with partners to fulfill a vision of data, video, and voice networking by connecting partners through high-speed access to products and services at the most cost-effective price.
PACE offers cooperative members additional awarded contract tools to assist their entities in meeting bidding requirements and to save valuable staff resources, finding vendors to assist members in meeting their operation goals, and to save funds when obtaining best value supplies.
The Personnel Services Cooperative serves as a strategic partner supporting ESC-20 LEA’s by recruiting, sustaining, and empowering human resource staff, thus allowing them to staff their schools with highly effective teachers and paraprofessionals.
The Professional Development Series is a cooperative that includes both synchronous and asynchronous sessions for your educational staff.  Sessions will be focused on the four content areas and may incorporate topics in technology, special programs, and parent engagement.
This cooperative provides districts with speech therapy and related service vendors to assist districts in efficiently providing these services for students with disabilities whose Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committees deem appropriate.
The RtI Cooperative extends training opportunities and support services to our clients at a special discounted rate for services. RtI Cooperative members may also receive special invitations of promotions and discounted offers on RtI products.
The School Health and Safety Cooperative is designed to provide ongoing professional development and technical assistance for school nurses, health professionals, district law enforcement, school resources officers, and school administrators responsible for school safety. Members will be allowed to send an unlimited number of school health and safety personnel to each of the workshops at a free or reduced cost. Technical assistance for the evaluation of school safety plans and for the development and implementation of School Health Advisory Councils is available for cooperative members at a reduced rate.
The Nurse Cooperative provides training opportunities for school health personnel on current health topics to include best practices, networking and connecting with community resources for student health care.
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) cooperative supports the cultivation of leadership to design and develop a comprehensive STEM culture that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and communication among students.
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) cooperative supports the cultivation of leadership to design and develop a comprehensive STEM culture that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and communication among students.
TCMPC TEKS Resource System is a comprehensive, customized, user-friendly K-12 grade curriculum support system.
The TEXAS 20 Food Purchasing Cooperative services over 100 members through an annual bid process open to vendors and manufacturers in order to solicit pricing for the upcoming bid term.
The TCC is the leader in the most comprehensive administrative software available to Texas schools with its software solution, ASCENDER.
The Title I Non-Public School Cooperative provides liaison services for Bexar County school districts and the private schools located in San Antonio.