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Professional Learning Communities

What are Professional Learning Communities?
A Professional Learning Community is an ongoing process used to establish a schoolwide culture that develops teacher leadership explicitly focused on student learning and a commitment to improvement.
Teachers share experiences, observe each other, discuss teaching, and use collective inquiry to help sustain improvement. In addition, administrators share decision making with teachers, and provide opportunities for teachers to serve as leaders (The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement, 2009).
Professional Learning Communities have the following defining elements:
    • Focus on Learning- promote a shared vision dedicated to student learning and committed to school improvement (Reichstetter, 2006);
    • Build a Collaborative Culture- operate on the premise that teamwork allows professionals to achieve more than they can alone (DuFour & Eaker, 1998); and
    • Focus on Results- encourage teachers to respond to data with collective accountability and adjust classroom practices to improve student learning (White & McIntosh, 2007).

Sessions offered at Education Service Center, Region 20, are available for registration at Connect20

Additionally, customized sessions are available for campuses and districts.

For more information, please contact Shannon Allen (210) 370-5481.