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Quality Objectives

The ESC-20 leadership shall ensure that quality objectives are consistent with the quality policy and address necessary requirements. The quality objectives for ESC-20 are as follows: (Objectives in bold; Bullets are explanatory notes; and measurements)

Positive Impact on Education

Support Clients in Improving Student Performance
  • Assist districts in developing and implementing a systemic approach to ensure achievement for all student groups
  • Assist districts in increasing parental involvement to ensure student success
Measurement: FIRST Assist Clients in Increasing Efficiency and Economy of Operations
  • Model effective use of integrated technology resources
  • Increase the opportunities for and participation in cooperative and shared agreements
  • Develop systemic processes to ensure timely delivery of pertinent information and program implementation
  • Develop and maintain effective partnerships
Measurement: Accountability Assist Students and Educators in Meeting or Exceeding State and Federal Accountability Standards
  • Provide professional development, consultation and technical assistance on best practices and alternative delivery systems to close the performance gaps and ensure achievement for all student groups
  • Provide professional development for educators in instructional leadership, assessment, safety and other state and federal mandates
  • Provide educators with tools for evaluation of data to plan meaningful instruction

Customer Satisfaction

Measurement: Client Satisfaction Survey, questions 1-3; Workshop evaluations Ensure That Products and Services Meet or Exceed Customer Requirements, Anticipate Needs and Are Cost Effective
  • Document customer needs and requirements based on client feedback and state/federal mandates.
  • Document effectiveness of products and services in meeting customer requirements based on feedback from clients
  • Maintain total service value and pricing structures at or below the average of similar service providers
Measurement: Client Satisfaction Survey, questions 4-5;Turnover rates Ensure That a Highly-Qualified and Effective Workforce Supports the Educational Community
  • Promote, develop and retain a quality workforce

Employee Satisfaction

Measurement: ESC-20 Climate Survey Ensure That ESC-20 Supports a Work Environment Characterized By a High Level of Professionalism and Job Satisfaction
  • Promote and support effective internal communication
  • Provide opportunities for professional growth
  • Promote a positive Center culture

ESC-20 Operational Excellence

Measurement: cost/benefit analysis Ensure Fiscal, Organizational and Operational Responsibility and Efficiency
  • Anticipate market conditions through research and development
  • Promote the value of ESC services to both local and state level decision makers