Preschool Students Working With Female Teacher
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Media Resource Library

The video resources provided below are intended to be short descriptions and overviews of areas associated with special education supports for students with disabilities. These videos should not be considered a substitute for training or professional development associated with these content topics.  CEUs or training certificates will not be awarded for video viewing time.  All viewers are highly encouraged to visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Statewide Technical Assistance Network websites for additional resources, information, and recorded training opportunities.

Family Engagement

Family Engagemenet    

Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)


IEP Content & Development - Impact of Disability


IEP Implementation

Progress Monitoring    

Instructional Strategies - Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)



Intervention MTSS Video    

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

LRE_ Continuum of Services    

Properly Constituted ARD


Secondary Transition


State Assessment