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The Autism Spectrum Disorders Program serves families and professionals working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a variety of school settings. Staff development and technical assistance are available to support districts and families in achieving student success.

Training is designed to address the full range of student and district needs which include, but are not limited to: communication skills, social skills, assessment, academic skills, self-help skills, instructional methodologies, and current research in the scientific field of autism.

On-site technical assistance is available to help districts implement programs using best practices in visual strategies and other effective teaching methodologies designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Additionally, support is available to assist districts with compliance to the state requirements for extended-year programming, in-home training, and parent training.


Parent Behavior Support Strategies: English/Spanish 

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Autism Lifeline Links

The goal of Autism Lifeline Links (ALL) is to increase service capacity and eliminate wait times and barriers for individuals on the autism spectrum throughout their life.


Visit the ALL team today and get more information about autism programs and services in the San Antonio community!


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Visual Supports ASD
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An Administrator's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

This guides prepares administrators to address the unique needs of students on the Autism Spectrum.