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CyberVision20 is a consortium focusing on awareness and monitoring of network vulnerabilities of each district and charter school’s internet facing and internal networks. The major purpose of CyberVision20 is to promote cyber industry best practices, heathy cyber hygiene, and affordable tools to monitor network and system resources. Promoting and training of the use of low cost or best in breed reliable network monitoring tools and resources to reduce the risk of exploitable network vulnerabilities.

Membership includes access to a “Base” product offering, consisting of perimeter and internal monitoring service, vulnerability scanning and remote remediation assistance, Monitored End Point Protection for staff and student devices, and Information Security professional services to assist with security readiness and documentation.

Services are provided by Technology Services staff and ESC-20 partners.

All Region 20 districts receive the following benefits:

  • E-mail alerts of cyber hygiene issues as they arise for district corrective actions
  • Cybersecurity meetings/ events
  • web-hosted cybersecurity TLP-Green and TLP-White industry notices
  • ​​​​​​​Restricted access E-mail notification TLP-Amber and TLP-Red information from ESC-20 cyber partners
Infosec IQ Security awareness training built to educate and engage